Crafting In The Sun

As you are reading this, hopefully I am either sitting by a lake, laughing with my nanna and aunt, or doing something fun and relaxing... and hopefully James is at home cuddling with one of our furry babies...

It has been so gorgeous outside lately... and most of the work I do requires me to be indoors.  I am usually sitting at a desk or computer right next to a window where I can only view how gorgeous it is.  So the other day when I needed to make some headbands, it was the perfect excuse for me and Bella to make a pallet outside and soak up some sun and bird chirping.  Bella thoroughly enjoys these moments.  She rolls around in the dirt and eats grass.

I braided up some sweet jewel toned headbands for a custom order, and a few for the shop (not pictured)... and this sweet yarn one for a very special little baby who recently entered the world.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Looks like a perfect day. Your cat is precious! :-)

  2. So jealous. It's been freeeeeezing here in Lansing, MI :/

  3. I love this! I LOVE LOVE the colors you chose, I can't wait for Ellie to wear it <3 Timmy and I are planning a special photo shoot with the girls in these, I'll make sure to share them with you so you can have them too. Thank you love.

  4. I meant to share that I also get outside to work when I can. We did some website work on our laptop, it was lovely. It was also a double bonus, we got fresh air and Bella had room to run and play


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