Makes My Heart Sing Monday

Today's Makes My Heart Sing is inspired by my favorite color palette of all time, jewel tones.  These are my go to colors in everything I pick out.  But including brown as a staple to go with them all.  I have always always always been drawn to these colors.

1. this article of clothing is amazing.  the color, the velvet, the details, the buttons, gosh!!!

2. this pillow from Anthropologie, just dreamy....

3. these pretty glitter colors... i know a girl who would love these!

4. this print by Lara Jade, my all time favorite photographer.

5. this color palette found on Color Collective.

6. this pretty colored home.  love the archway and the pillows...

7. the color of these shoes... image found here.

8. this styling for America's Next Top Model photoshoot.

9. all the colors together in this adorable ethnic inspired home.

10.  my new running shoes!  even though i havent been running yet, ive worn them alot and adore them!!!  From New Balance.

What is your all time favorite color palette?



  1. New Balance is awesome..I like that they have a good amount of toe room! Wow...those are amazing images you've collected. I really enjoyed this post!!! :) I love jewel tones too...and everything else you posted from photographs to flowy, peaceful styles! Love it....you have such a great eye! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. I. Adore. That Pillow.
    Definitely a wonderful colour palette, I've got to admit.

  3. I love the shoes! Where did you get them?

  4. *ha ha* I think you and I have very similar taste. I found that first home on this site I joined called Houzz, and have it as one of my favorites. I love all the prints and colors. Very pretty. :)

  5. my shoes are from newbalance.com love them!

  6. love these colors, when i do wear colors, i go with jewel tones!

  7. Oh wow, that ethnic inspired home shot is STUNNING! I am droooooooling!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful palette of colors, and I'm so honored you used one of my images. Your blog is utterly beautiful!

    Hugs from your new fan in Paris,

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  9. These are all such super lovely images.
    Man, I want those stripey socks! They are awesome.

  10. You have beautiful style! I am so glad I found your blog, it's inspiring! xoxo


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