Makes My Heart Sing Monday

Today's Makes My Heart Sing is inspired by a bit of the modern day bohemian girl.  Some of my favorite style looks.  I wish so badly I could buy a pair of awesome wedge shoes like these below.  Im not usually big on trends, but I am super happy to see these come back in style...

*all images came from Pinterest, check out my mood board here to see all of the sources I found them from*

pretty pretty shoes...

love this girls whole style.  casual & stylish at the same time...

seriously one of the prettiest tattoos... reminds me i need to go get more work done on mine...

love this old photoshoot with Kate Moss... she is a long time favorite of mine...

an amazing butterfly collection!  and makes one pretty photo...

i just love the colors and bold print in this outfit...

another very pretty tattoo... in love....

i just adored this photo really...

As much as Im yearning for spring, Im not ready for fall/winter fashion to end...

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  1. That rose tattoo is one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen.

  2. The ink you featured makes me long for a tattoo of my own...

  3. my closet looks like a "wedges" invasion lol...thanks for the eye candy...which reminds me...I have tons of room under my bed to expand my shoe collection lol...

  4. I have a bird tattoo on my wrist! Wanna touch it up a bit though. I have three in total and I'm an absolute addict! And those shoes... oh mama!

  5. I totally know what you mean about being ready for spring fashion! I have been making skirts and dresses and would like to wear them without leggings on! Hee hee...but winter is my favorite season, mostly because I hate to sweat or burn. I know...weak...but its my reasons and I am sticking to them..heehee :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

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  7. Love that butterfly tattoo. And I have an obsession with wedge shoes like those!"

  8. what an amazing collection of images they are stunning, beyond pretty!



  9. i love the bohemian urban style!!! wonderful pictures!!!!! and the rose tattoo is amazing!!!

    lovely day!!!

  10. I love the style of the second photo! I am so ready to get another tattoo, it's been too long! Have a lovely day!

  11. I'm in love with Pinterest too.

    I also found those tattoo photographs stunning. . .

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  12. I love those tattoos... Thinking about getting one done myself, but I'm having a really hard time deciding where to put it. I always though deciding WHAT to get would be more difficult! I love the roses and vines, it reminds me of a wallpaper inspired tattoo I saw once.. Anyway, lovely images!

    Those shoes... !!!!


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