Im so excited to present our first DUO giveaway with me & the boy.  Eeeeek!

And instead of picking out a specific item, that you may or may not love, we decided to do it in gift certificate form!!!  That way, you can choose just what your little heart loves the best!  And its just enough to either get yourself something from each shop, or put it towards something a bit larger youve been eyeing!  *we have more sizes and styles coming to Skyline Fever soon, so you can wait until you find something just right for you*


*im not a big fan of rules*

But... this rule will not only get you some free goodies, but will help both of us to know what our readers love most in our shops!  So it will be a win win!

RULE:  you must visit all 3 of the following shops, and let us know what your absolute favorite item or design is in each shop!  Easy enough?  I think so!

 Along with the two gift certificates, you will also receive this 5x5 print!

I will be choosing a winner, randomly, next sunday, January 23th!

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  1. well my utter most favorite is Lost In Hunger art print (it featured in my treasury this morning)
    I also love Leather Boho Feather Layered Necklace i just think if perfect for summer.
    And last but certianly not least is the screenprinted feather tshirt i also have a thing for anything with feathers :)
    such an amazing giveaway so king and generous. Good luck everyone.



  2. In violet bella I love the vintage camera necklace and the mix-tape necklace.

    Violet bella photography
    I like the berries picture 5x5

    Skyline fever i LOVE the feather shirt. I actually love all of the shirts :)

  3. My favourite from each of your shops is:

    Violet Bella: Indie Owl Necklace

    Violet Bella Photography: Bottled - 5x5 - Fine Art Print

    Skyline Fever: SMALL screenprinted skeleton key dress in BROWN

    Great giveaway Laura :) xxx

  4. lovey giveaway! my favorites...
    skyline: SMALL screenprinted birds on burnout tunic in MOSS

    violet bella: the little ballerina necklace. i love!

    violet bella photography: lost words. pretty!!

  5. You know how i love you and your boys shops!

    Well, from your jewelry/clothing shop I love the Patina Bird & Heart necklace!

    Print shop: I own my very favorite print, Morningtime...but I also love "Like Music to my Ears"!

    From SkylineFever: I am loving the new Butterfly shirts, but you know which one I am really wanting and waiting for!! LOL

    Thanks for the chance you two!


  6. Yay for giveaways!

    @ Violet Bella - I've been spying on the Musical Note necklace.

    @ Violet Bella Photography - the Peacock Feather print is amazing!

    @ Skyline Fever - The screenprinted owl long sleeve burnout shirt in Moss.


  7. Wonderful giveaway!

    My favorite items:

    Violet Bella-Rose photo pendant... my husband calls me his wild rose.

    Violet Bella Photography- She & Him print

    Skyline Fever-Any of the hippie tee pee shirts! :)

  8. Ohhhh!!!!!!

    I hope I get it!

    Violet Bella- The Golden Hour Patchwork Folk Dress
    Bella Photography- The Butterfly Series #4
    Skyline Fever-Hippie Tee Pee Top

  9. Great giveaway, thank you for the chance!
    My favs are:
    Patina Feather and Miniature Key Necklace
    Just Because - 5x5 Fine Art Print
    SMALL screenprinted birds on burnout tunic in MOSS
    Love, Andrea

  10. I like the hand stitched choker, the Curiosity print, and the hippie tee pee shirt!

  11. What an awesome giveaway!

    In Violet Bella-the Folk Music Skeleton Key Necklace.
    In Violet Bella Photography-Soft print.
    In Skyline Fever-the Hippie Tee Print.
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  12. Wow-this is hard because you know I love everything you guys do and my closet and jewelry box shows it.

    I have just about every design of the Skyline Fever shirts so I am picking one I don't have. I like the burnout baseball top in red and white with butterflies

    From your photography, my favorite is one that I own where you can see your profile and your back with the tattoo and you are reaching out among the trees. Beautiful.

    From your clothing/jewelry store I like the Woodland Fawn top because of the deer theme and the folksy feel to it.

  13. Ahhh!
    So cute.
    I absolutely ADORE all of your teddy bear stuff, in your Etsy!
    In your photography etsy, your photo print Serenity is probably my absolute favorite.
    And Skyline Fever. Can I just say.. I'm in love with everything. But I l o v e the hippie tee pee. ADORABLE.
    xo haley
    ps. you guys are a beautiful couple. HOLY COW. gorgeous folks. :)

  14. Oooh oooh!!!
    i lerv the butterfly baseball tee from Skyline Fever. I'd buy it now if I didn't have an evergrowing belly :)

    My favorite print is Morningtime because I'm obsessed with tea and teacups and my favorite thing from Violet Bella is the Leather Boho Feather Trinkey necklace with the butterfly and key. Love!

  15. I can't just pick one from every shop. God has truly blessed you with an awesome gift!
    From your Violet Bella Shop I heart about every piece of jewelry...especially the camera, ballerina, owl, feather, sewing machine, bird and key pieces. All of your work is just simply amazing.
    From the Violet Bella Photography Shop...I have a passion for photography and you catch wonderful shots! Again I can't just pick just one...I heart morning time, golden hour, peacock feather, serenity, find a heart, patchwork, home sweet home, berries just to name a few. :o) I could seriously go on and on.
    Skyline Fever...I love the prints that you use. So fun. Just some of my favs...birds flutter, skeleton key, owl, feather, butterfly (butterflies have a special place in my heart) and fall medley. Okay I just realized I listed ALL of your designs. Truly awesome work!
    Whoever wins this giveaway will be blessed by receiving your work. I have admired your shops/blog for quite awhile. Good luck to all and thank you for this opportunity!

  16. Fav in violet bella is the patina octo necklace. I have been swooning over it since I found you. I do have to say I love EVERYTHING THO LOL!

    Fav print is peacock feather...And fav screenprint is SMALL screenprinted feather long sleeve tunic in GREY STRIPES! Love love!

  17. OH! This is exciting! I love the "Take Flight" bronze bird bracelet (I think it would be a lovely piece of wedding jewelry:). The print I'm very fond of is certainly the "Lost Words" 5x5. I think its beautiful in its simplicity, and it just fills me with this childlike feeling of curiosity and wonder. OH and I must have the gray long sleeved owl shirt from skyline fever! So lovely!!!

    You two should jerseys, because you make a good team :)

  18. Hey Laura- what a generous gift

    I heart your 'vintage camera' necklace

    I heart 'feathers' 12x12

    I heart 'screen printed birds in plum'

    have the best day ever :)

  19. I love love love with all my heart the small owl necklace. ( i heart owls very much)

    The print....paint it out rocks my being.

    I love the owl print tee but since I loved it in jewelry I picked the feather print (don't want owl overkill)

    great job!!

  20. Hi,

    You are my muse! Since stubbing upon your blog a few weeks ago, I have been getting creative and crafty! Ok, I'm going to start with your Violet Bella shop. I pick the Billy Sunshine necklace. I love the story behind it and the piece itself it stunning. I would wear it and think of my own sunshine.

    From Violet Bella Photography I pick Home Sweet home. It reminds me of spring days here in Chico, plus I love the layers of mixed media.

    In Skyline Fever I pick medium fall leaf medley on v neck tunic in moss.
    Your talent,shops,blogs are truly inspiring and have given back my creative side. I have my camera glued to my hand lately and paint with my daughter on weekends. This is a fresh start to finding me again. I thank you for being my muse. Peace and Love to you both. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  21. It's difficult only choose one of each but... Here are my 3:

    From Violet bella Fotografhy: Buttons 5x5, I like it because it's simple but pretty.

    From skylinefever: LARGE screenprinted birds on burnout tunic in MOSS, I love the fabric and the picture

    From Violet Bella: 80's Hand Knitted TEDDY BEAR Sweater Vest, cause it's sooo cute!

  22. my favorites are the:

    1.screenprinted fall medley on burnout slouchy tshirt in MELON

    Serenity - 5x5 Fine Art Print

    3.Leather Boho Feather Trinket Necklace with a Butterfly & Key

    so hard to choose! :)


  23. www.wistfulartist.blogspot.netJanuary 16, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    I think all of your ETSY shops are awesome so I have a lot of favs from each shop. If I had to pick just one from each (and I know, I know I do:
    VB = the new patina owl necklace
    VB Photo = Morning time 5x5
    and Skyline, the flutter tees most definitely. I want a FLUTTER TEE!


  24. How sweet!
    Love everything.. so hard to narrow it down!

    In Violet Bella I'd pick the wooden bow and pearl necklace.. I think!

    In Skyline Fever I love the feather shirt in Orange or the striped heart and soul key shirt!

    In violet bella photography I like the find a heart print. Beautiful!!

  25. Ooo- so fun!
    I love perusing your shops.
    violet Bella: simple. black and gold. a night out. earrings.
    violetbellaphoto: Remains
    skylinefever: flutter tee is so cute. (are there other colors designs?)

  26. such neat things!
    i think i'd pick...
    The Josephine Key Necklace (Violet Bella)
    Find a Heart 5x5 (Violet Bella Photography)
    Medium screenprinted hippie tee pee tank top in citrus (Skyline Fever)

  27. Oh fantastic giveaway! I love all your shops so very much!!
    My favorite items from your Violet Bella shop are your leather boho feather necklaces, soo pretty.
    From your photography shop I love the one you actually have up for grabs!
    And from Skyline Fever I really love the teepee & the butterfly baseball style t's :)
    Wonderful! Fingers crossed :)
    xo, Jamie

  28. I love your Violet Bella shop I am collecting camera charms and your "Vintage Camera Necklace" is my favorite I would love to have one someday <3
    The Violet Bella Photography I love the 5x5 "Days like these" my parents have always called me their wild child based off of the Enya song.
    Really like Skyline Fever the shirt that is the LARGE screen printed birds on burnout tunic in MOSS is my favorite. I get inspired every time I look at your art work.

  29. VB: Indie Feather and Key Necklace
    VB Photography: Damsel
    Skyline Fever: Fall Leaf Medley on V Neck Tunic

  30. In Violet Bella I simply adore the Patchwork Folk Top-Woodland Fawns and Roses! It's so delicate and pretty!

    In Violet Bella Photo I love the Peace print!

    In Skyline Fever I love the owl shirt in pink stripes!

    What a great giveaway! :)

  31. Oh my goodness best giveaway ever!!!!!! I would choose the Autumn mixtape necklace LOVE it the sing me a song woodblock, and the pink striped owl shirt. I absolutely adore these items and If I won I would definitely snap up the shirt and necklace! Thanks so much for having such a great giveaway! I hope I win >.<

  32. My favorite item in Violet Bella is Braided Folk Feather & Trinket Headband. Sooo goood! My favorite item in Violet Bella Photography is the Peacock Feather - 5x5 Fine Art Print…makes me think of walking in a dream. My favorite item from Skyline Fever is the BLUE up cycled screen-printed Scarf…because I’m a big girl and need at least an XL in dudes T’s to feel comfy in a t-shirt…so this item is probably the best for a lovely full figured gal like myself. I love the owl and feather screen-printing motifs…so lovely and full of whimsy. This is a great giveaway..but it was mostly fun to just look in the shops and try to narrow down one favorite item…I figured at least you’ll know what I treasured in your stores…goodness knows I’ve said it out loud(or out in writing) when checking out your stores…its nice to tell you!  Hearts, Janna Lynn

  33. uh, on violet bella i like the little sewer necklace, the little chair necklace and the patina and chocolate paris bracelet.
    on violet bella photography, i like the serenity print and the necklace of the same picture best.
    on skyline fevers my absolute favourite is the hippie teepee tank top (citrus).

    i wish you guys all the best. i really enjoy your stuff.

  34. YAY! My favorite goodies are....
    1. Violet Bella-Patina Blossom and Birdie Necklace
    2 Violet Bella Photography-Umbrella Dance - Wooden Photo Necklace
    3. Skyline Fever-MEDIUM screenprinted birds flutter tee in PLUM

  35. I have just recently started following your blog but I have been a fan of your etsy shop for a long time now. It was really hard to pick just 1 favorite from each store but here it goes b/f I change my mind again.
    Violet Bella~Autumn inspired vintage scarf tank top. (love the color combo).
    Violet Bella Photography~Custom photo portrait necklace. (I will get a triple some day).
    Skyline Fever~ Screen printed birds flutter tee in plum.

  36. Oh my...everything is so pretty.

    I love the winter harvest acorn necklace from Violet Bella, the Morningtime print from Violet Bella Photography,and the hippie teepee shirt from Skyline Fever.

    Wishing you love and lots of it.

    Fritzi Marie

  37. So hard to choose!!!
    @ VB- Vintage Camera Necklace...
    @ VB Photography- Don't let this win over you print
    and @ Skyline Fever the hippie teepee shirt.

  38. So hard to choose!!!
    @ VB- Vintage Camera Necklace...
    @ VB Photography- Don't let this win over you print
    and @ Skyline Fever the hippie teepee shirt.

  39. I like the antique camera necklace. I've been into photography for a while, and I actually have a mini camera that is only a little bigger than this one.
    The vintage typewriter print is also lovely. I like the depth of field and the contrast of colours.
    From Skylinefever, I like the grety feather t-shirt.

  40. So hard to choose just one! ....but in the interest of brevity, I restrained myself..heehee!

    I love your Wonderlust Patina Earrings....the set of 4 "Inspired by Sunshine" prints....and your Sweetie's Owl on Pink Stripes Tee!

  41. Can I say i want it all? lol okay so if i had my choice...

    VB- I love the Death Cab Tshirt Tunic Dress. It looks so comfy and would go great with rainboots!

    VBPhoto-Serenity - 5x5 Fine Art Print, its peaceful and soothing

    Skyline-MEDIUM screenprinted butterflies on burnout baseball shirt in RED...thats baseball shirt is totally wearable. i wish it was in my size and in my closet so i could wear it tomorrow!


  42. HI!
    I love the Little Brass Owl Necklace, Sock Hop for Cops print, and the Hippie Tee Pee Burnout tee!


  43. Hi, this is zen from Malaysia.

    I love all the necklaces in Violet Bella, but if I have to choose, I will definitely go for the Vintage Camera necklaces. Gorgeous!!

    I personally love collage so I like those set of 4 prints in VIolet Bella Photography, especially the "pieces of her".

    As for Skyline fever, I like the
    LARGE screenprinted fall medley jacket in TEAL. I think you should come out with more jacket. It looks great. :)

  44. Hi Laura! I'm Suzy. Nice to meet you!

    Violet Bella- the red/white vintage checkered shirt

    Skyine Fever- the red/white baseball tee with the butterflies

    VB Photog- I love the print that you're featuring with "days like these make me want to run wild" because I'm a runner!

  45. Ok this is gonna be tricky since I love so much in each store but here goes...

    Violet Bella - Vintage Camera Necklace.

    Violet Bella Photography - Volkswagen 5x5

    Skyline Fever - Skeleton Key shirts

  46. Thanks so much for hosting this give away! (:
    It's so hard to pick from all the lovely stuff in each shop!
    But here's my attempt...

    Violet Bella: ->Patina Feather and Miniature Key Necklace (& all of the handmade clothing items! (I know that's two... but they're so different!))

    Violet Bella Photography: -> House of Blue 5x5

    Skyline Fever: ->Hippie tee pee burnout baseball shirt in BLACK AND WHITE

    -kristine ♥

  47. Choosing one in each store is harder said then done, but I think I was able to narrow it down to these:

    Violet Bella Photography: Send me Dead Roses
    Skyline Fever: Owl tshirt in pink stripes
    Violet Bella: The Little Crafter Necklace

    - Lisa!

  48. WOW. amazingness.
    for the violet bella store... I CAN"T CHOOSE! I am always envious of your necklaces but I don't know if I can pick just one. Sailors? Cameras? owls? TOO MANY (wonderful) OPTIONS!

    skyline? the blue flutter sleeved skeleton key...i think. :)

    and from your photography shop I really like the type writer photo.

    GREAT giveaway! I'm excited!

  49. well, if i HAVE to choose :)

    Violet Bella: the folk music skeleton key necklace
    Violet Bella Photography: the Peace fine art print
    Skyline Fever: the feather long sleeve tunic in grey stripes


    xo, N

  50. although everything is super adorable and amazing...my favorites are:

    violet bella - patina bird necklace
    violet bella photo - i equally love 'serenity' and 'morningtime' prints
    skyline fever - screenprinted feather tunic in grey stripes

    i loved looking though your shops! everything is so beautiful.

  51. Many many many favorites, but, if I absolutley have to choose only one from each shop.......

    Violet Bella:

    Violet Bella Photography:

    Skyline Fever:

    love those owls! ♥

  52. What a simply perfect giveaway!

    Most days do make me want to run wild. I'd love to put this on my wall.

    It was a bit difficult to pick only one favorite item, but after much consideration I think I've arrived at my conclusion:

    At Violet Bella I simply adore the Blue Flower Bud Ring. I think I'm going to have to put this on my wishlist, whether I need a new ring or not.

    At the Photography Shop, I love Traveling. I'm up to my eyes in wanderlust so this is perfect.

    And at Skyline Fever I just adore the Feather t-shirt. I also have a thing for birds - I'm finally getting my first tattoo this year and it's going to be chimney swifts.

    I love your shops, by the bye.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  53. Violet Bella: I love the Pink Floral Pillowcase Top...ALL of your pillowcase tops are wonderful :)

    Violet Bella Photography: Send Me Dead Roses. So beautiful!

    Skyline Fever: Screenprinted Fall Medley on Burnout Slouchy tshirt in Melon :) I love the slouchy/comfy look.

  54. Amazing giveaway!
    I have so many favs it's hard to narrow down,
    Violet Bella: The calendar + Pink Cameo and Floral Hairpins.

    Violet Bella Photography:
    "Morning time" and "Endless" art prints are so beautiful.

    Skyline Fever:
    screenprinted fall medley on burnout slouchy tshirt in melon and screenprinted fall medley long sleeve henley in brown.

    <3 Beth

  55. WOWeee!!!! Im amazed by all your puuurdy things!!! but by far my favourite is Sailor Girl Necklace, its absolutely my most tops!!!

    Love your Photography too!! You're super talented!

  56. Very easy :)

    Love so much stuff!
    But my favorites are:

    Violet Bella Shop: Miniature Dreams Locket Necklace & Miniature wing & pearl Earrings.

    VB Photograph- Morningtime Pint♥

    Skyline Fever- Feather Sweater in pink & Blue ♥


  57. wow..what a fantastic giveaway...so hard to pick only one item from each shop but

    Violet Bella-patina feather and miniture key necklace

    Skyline fever- feather t-shirt orange

    Violet bella photography- peace picture...

  58. For Violet Bella it's the crochet shoulder shrug
    Violet Bella photography it's Peace
    Skyline Fever.. vneck fall leaf medley.
    I just love your style.. amazing


  59. Its really difficult to pick my favorites. So much of your guys' work is awesome. I think you and your husband have a really good sense of design too.

    I like the Patina Butterfly Hippie necklace, the Peacock Feather print, and the Screen printed birds design (on anything, they all look good!).

    :) Sabrina

  60. In Violetbella, first off, I LOVE all the owl items and anything that is patina. I adore owls so much, I even have an owl hat. Anyway, one of my favorite items is your custom shirt. I think it is a brilliant idea; it's truly a one of a kind thing. For me, having a shirt that no one else in the world has would be spine tingling, but then throw in the fact that it's made by you just makes the deal even sweeter. I just can't decide what shirt I want to use. Haha. And just in case, this one doesn't really count, my second favorite item would be the Patina and Chocolate Paris bracelet. I am at loss for words to describe just how beautiful this bracelet is. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

    As for your photography shop, my favorite would be New Orleans Sidewalk. I always seem to find my eye drawn to city/sidewalk shots. I love New Orleans, it's one of my favorite cities ever; you have captured its beauty the unique character that comes along with the city.

    And last, but certainly not least, Skyline Fever. Where, I think my favorite would be any of the owl tees. They are just so adorable! Or the scarf, I'm a sucker for 'em.

    Keep up the amazing work, both of you! You are such a lovely people and you are definitely a major role model to me.
    And of course, have a great day!

  61. A Giveaway :D

    There are SO many most adorable things, I can't really decide...T_T
    but I'll have to:

    Violet Bella:
    Yellow Rose Layered Leaf Necklace

    Violet Bella Photography:

    Skyline Fever:
    LARGE screenprinted birds on burnout tunic in MOSS

    I really could go on and on and on :)

    Best wishes to you both!

  62. At Violet Bella I love the Colorful Boho Beaded Owl Necklace.
    At Violet Bella Photography I love "Tragedy".
    And at Skyline Fever I love the Owl Burnout Baseball Shirt in Blue.

  63. Everything is so so pretty!! You make amazing things but her are my favorites.

    Violet Bella: Peacock Feather Love Necklace

    Violet Bella Photography: Sorry Im Leaving - 8x10 Fine Art Print

    Skyline fever: creenprinted fall medley long sleeve henley in BROWN

    Keep on doing your thing, I really love it.

  64. In James's shop i ADORE the green and white striped skeleton key t-shirt. i have been thinking of buying it, it has been in my faves in etsy for a bit. LOVE!

    In your photo shop I LOVE the "Life Within" photo. it is so indicative of how i feel. i had it as my desktop background for awhile to remind me of my inner self and to stay true.

    In violet bella, i love everything :) but i really love the patina octopus necklace and the patina buddha. i would have to say its a tie :)

    thanks for all you do. you keep me motivated and sane in a crazy world :)

  65. I love the Key to my heart necklace from Violet Bella. it was a hard choice, but I think that would be my favorite.

    From your photo shop I really like the Sorry I'm leaving print. It's very sad but also very beautiful.

    And from the Skyline shop I really like the green men's skeleton key shirt. It would look great on my boyfriend : )

  66. What a wonderful giveaway!

    Violet Bella: The 'Dangling Trinkets Necklace'. I love your necklaces, especially the Love Song Mixtape, which I am wearing right now.

    Violet Bella Photography: The 'She and Him' print!! It reminds me so much of me & my husband. I love 'These Days' too. And 'Just Because'.

    Skyline shop: I am in love with the birds flutter tee in plum.

    :) Sheila

  67. if i HAVE to choose... (it's difficult!)
    violetbella: the green flower earrings

    violet bella photography: morningtime woodblock

    from skylinefevers: MEDIUM screenprinted fall medley long sleeve henley in BROWN

    handgehaakt at gmail dot com


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!