New Jewelry

 First of all, I want to say thank you for all of the super sweet comments everyone has been leaving.  Especially on my more emotional posts the last few days.  It means alot.  Im feeling alot better.  Ive had a few days to reflect, count my blessings... and workout!  I really think working out helps a ton.  I have NEVER been one to like working out until about 2 months ago.  Now I actually look forward to it!

A few new sweet little necklaces made their way into the shop today!  Hop on over to see what else is new!  Adding stuff everyday, and more to come!

After tomorrow, my boy is off for a whole week from work!  Too bad its all cold and rainy outside.  Or maybe thats a good thing, more movies and snuggles.  Monday he is getting his teeth pulled... so for a few days he may be out of it, and Ill be his little nurse maid.  I actually bought pudding to make... I havent made pudding in like 10 years!

Maybe Ill actually get to some sewing next week.  Its been so long it feels like.  Since before the holidays!  Crazy!  All I have been focusing on lately is jewelry, mainly b/c behinds the scenes I have 3 wholesale orders Im working on, so Ive been at my jewelry desk alot!!!  But I love it all.

Im thinking tomorrow I might be having a little giveaway, so check back!  Also, throughout the rest of the month, I have little guest posts and diys coming from my sponsors you see there on the right hand side!  Im excited to share some fun things from people I love!



  1. Loving these new pieces to bits and bits!! :)

    mhmmm I too am new to gym going...but now when I can't get there...I really miss it. It really makes such a difference in my energy and outlook on things.

    Have a Great weekend!!
    xoxo Jenny

  2. Love the camera one.
    Will go look at it!
    If it rains play in the puddles, if it snows make snow angels.
    Enjoy the week.

  3. Awesome jewelry! Ouchie..teeth pulling...I find having different healthy items to put in smoothies helps with that too...because you can't eat too much..but you feel weak if you can't get enough nutrition, smoothies are easy to consume! Good luck with that! Enjoy the endorphins from your new healthy habit! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. The camera necklace and the owl necklace are my favourites! <3
    I also think that work, especially making jewellery, is a great therapy. You can see some results and you make other people happy, which is really uplifting :)
    Love, Andrea

  5. Jenny, awesome! im glad you are getting in to it too! i dont use a gym, just at home, but i love it!

    cry, you are soooo right! how easily i forget this. i used to work at a restaraunt, and one day after our shift it started pouring rain outside, so i ran outside and started dancing in the rain... then all my co-workers joined me & we even rolled around in the mud! best time ever!

    janna lynn, oooo thanks! good idea. i make smoothies almost daily for myself, but sometimes have to force the boy to drink them. maybe he will now! :)

    andrea, soooo true. it is theraputic. i enjoy every moment of what i do. i just hate that i have to sit so much, but hence why i am loving my new workout routine, it is helping soooo much, xo.

  6. a friend got me the camera necklace for Christmas and I adore it!! I've been wearing it with just about everything!

  7. lanna!!!! yay! that is so wonderful to hear, thank you!! xo.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!