Makes My Heart Sing Monday

 This week my heart was inspired by the color peach, folk music & sweetness.

*all images were found on Pinterest and you can view the origins I found them on my board here*

Thanks to a new follower on my blog, I found this amazingly beautiful video... Im completely in love with everything about this video... thanks Mandyface :)

love the beauty of this photo and girl...

love images of guitars, and this one has amazing color and depth of field...

love the photo bunting in the house...

one of the prettiest tattoos ive ever seen...

i love everything about this photo...

 vinyls just make beautiful photos, i adore the colors and feel of this one...

the best cookies ever...

such a sweet little dress, and beautiful girl...

*sorry I dont have original sources, as much as I love Pinterest, I wish it directed you to the original artist/source*



  1. These Monday posts truly make my heart sing. So, so pretty and you've inspired me to listen to some folk while I finish the day off x

  2. oh my goodness. Lovely collection. Those feather cookies are amazing and I love love love that first photo. Oh yes, and photo bunting is amazing. I love it in my house. <3

  3. i've been creeping about here for a bit now like a big...well, creep, i guess. and thought i should say hi. :) very cute blog.

  4. I adore that photo with the vinyl! The colors and soft lighting are just lovely. I'm a huge vinyl collector and also love seeing records in photos. Thanks for sharing these!


  5. so sad you don't have the links... these are some amazing pictures you curated here. thanks!

  6. Oh I love all of this! The video-what a beautiful voice and a lovely song :) The feather cookies are great!

  7. kerry, awesome! what did you listen to?

    thank you katelyn!

    suzy, hi! thanks for creepin, haha!

    melissa, me too!

    feemail, i know! i hate not knowing where they all came from, big down side of pinterest!

    mindi, yes, its a great video!

  8. Love these! cookies are sooo cute you know you would never eat them!

    and i love love love the vinyl album OMG>>>i want one sooo bad!


  9. Love the tattoo, looks like a mucha piece of artwork.
    Great, fun stuff

  10. I love those cookies! So pretty... I wouldn't want to eat them which would probably be a good thing:)
    Beautiful images...thank you for sharing!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!