Layering your Patchwork Folk top

I snapped a few pictures with the boy's phone the other day on our way out to dinner at a friends house.  I wanted to show you that you can layer your PATCHWORK FOLK tops over thermals for when its cold.  They dont have to just be a spring item.  Always keep that in mind while shopping for tanks and such, you can always layer!  Here is one still for sale in my shop to show you what kind of shirt Im talking about.  *sorry, photos aren't great, I could only get so much holding a phone*

With my patchwork folk top, I wore, a striped thermal, super wide leg jeans, and vintage suede wedges. oh, and pigtails :)

The past few days have consisted of nothing but working.  But that is a good thing!  Last night a huge front blew in, craziest wind Ive heard in a long time!  Now its is super chilly outside, but still nice and sunny.

What is the weather like where you live right now?



  1. You always look so pretty! The weather here...well, we are in a blizzard, 30 to 40 mph winds and 20 inches of snow to fall before it's over! The kids are enjoying it though, no school!

  2. i love your look! and ditto on what meg said above- blizzard here in wisconsin, too. have a great day!

  3. i just saved your photo in my hair inspiration folder :) Seriously, you have the best hair!

  4. Snow day for my birthday! Woo hoo... although I have to be honest and say I am really sick of the snow! I am ready for Spring that is for sure.
    Love the tanks!! I love layering and these are perfect for that. I usually wear at least 2-4 tops every day all at once:)

  5. you looked perfect! love ya! shelley

  6. You look great, love your hair! Ditto on Amber's comment...layers, layers and more layers! I hate putting away summer clothes, so I always find a way to incorporate them into my winter outfits.

    It has been snowing all day, it looks so pretty - I live in the mountains, so I have an amazing view...kids had a 1/2 day...

    Enjoy your day ladies ;)

  7. This was a great idea to illustrate this! I absolutely love your patchwork tops, especially the swan one but not sure how fitted they are. When I made similar tops they were open in the back and more of an empire style.

    I guess what I'm saying is that if layering it over a thermal I would probably have to go up a size which would mean a L-XL, which I don't think you have:(

    About 4 inches of snow and high of 16 in Taos today.

  8. I've stopped buying clothes for myself, because I have too much! So I try to utilize my entire wardrobe all year. (Here in the Portland, Oregon area, its been pretty cold. So far, today is sunny, but I'm still inside.) I usually wear at least 2 to 4 tops in one day, too! :) I layer tank tops under t-shirts and sweaters. I try to always wear a scarf, too! (I don't know when it happened, but most of my tops are scoop-neck.)

  9. Cold!! Even tho, I'm in Texas! Cold!!

  10. I'm in Illinois, so of course we got hit with 12+ inches of snow. Today is a snow day for us!


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