Thrifting for the Soul

Yesterday was sooooo good for my soul.  The boy took me on a thrifting date on a whimsy when he was starting to feel better yesterday, and I could not have needed it more!

So here is our day in photos! (camera photos)...

I have been sporting some messy hair lately :)

Enjoyed wearing my vintage leather boots with my floral tights.

I love it when James wears his Skyline Fever shirts, its like they were made just for him....  isnt he the cutest???

I wore my little green dress that I got from Ami's closet... and one of my favorite vintage blue velvet jackets Ive had since I was a teen...

We hit up 4 thrift stores!!!!

saw the open road.  one of my favorite things is to just drive.

listened to some Alkaline Trio...

went to our favorite coffee shop, Spirit Wind Java, and got chai tea ice cream smoothies...

I got the sun on my face!  that hasnt happened in a while :)

I got to sit next to my boy.  love him.

my favorite score of the day was this little doll.  She is the cutest little seniorita ive ever seen.  The way she is made, she appears to be pretty old, but I dont know how old.  I just love her little hand sewn mexican dress.  ahhhhh.... I bought her for my hope chest for our one day little girl, but she is so cute, I think she just might stay out!

and I got lots of cute new fabrics to play with... and as soon as I got home, my sewing bug came back like crazy!!!!!!  Which Im excited about b/c I havent made any clothes since before thanksgiving.  I cant believe its been that long.  Ive just been making jewelry and such.  So I am thrilled.  Between other things I have to do today with work, I will be sewing!!!

I feel renewed because of our little day trip yesterday.  I think it was all I needed.  Thank you James.

AND.... James is getting crazy & spontaneously offered up another sale in his shop!  TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY get 20% anything with a SKELETON KEY on it!!!!  woooooo hoooooo!



  1. I LOVE your blog!! And I'm totally jealous of your hair, it looks perfect... all the time! :) haha. Glad you had such a fun day!

  2. Sometimes you need a day like that to bring your spirits back up - glad you had fun! :)

  3. Looks like you two had a great day! I love your hair, having curly hair I can't do bangs very well, but I love yours! You two are just too cute together! And WHAT....a sale at SkylineFever!!

  4. Sounds like a lovely little day :)
    I had a nice day out yesterday too.
    Love Alkaline Trio & your tights are so pretty!
    Lots of Love, Jamie

  5. Gahhh... I loved that album so much.

  6. those tights are just super cute! hopefully i'll get to have my own thrifty day with my boy on friday - it's been too long!

  7. Do you have a little boy hope chest? Whatever you two would have it'll be a cutie. You two compliment each other so well.

  8. what a perfect day :) you two are adorable together!

  9. I am so jealous! Those fabrics look lovely.

  10. Awww that's so nice :) Looks like yall had a blast-love the photos :) And that doll is so cute!

  11. Hey its Your hottie James :) i had a good time with you on this day. you made me happy when you asked if i could put the grown ups on!!! what a girl :)

  12. just the thought of a thirfty date warms my soul.


  13. You two make the cutest darn couple
    Glad youmhad fun

  14. I'm lovin your hair lately... though I love how you do it all the time! Looks like you and James had a lovely day together, I love those perfect days, how everything just comes together, especially spending it with your other half. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric you got, I always love seeing what you create with little pieces of fabric. Love the little doll for your hope chest... and I love that you have a hope chest, such a cute idea <3

  15. Hi!
    I just found your blog today and I loveee it!
    And especially your hair and style. I got my hair cut short..(Spur of the moment) and ever since have regretted it and jsut want it long. Yours style and length of hair is just what I am wishing for!!

    Love you blog, will be returning!

    La xo


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