Top 5 Friday

 Today's Top 5 Friday comes from Brina of Rose Colored Glasses.

Her question was my top 5 movie quotes... I switched it up a bit to trailers b/c Im not a big quote person.  There are many I love, but out of context, they just dont sound as good.  So Im leaving you with trailers to 5 of my favorite movies.  This was a hard decision b/c I have lots of other movies I love just as much as these...

Amelie... I adore everthing about this move.  Audrey Tatou is just about the most precious actress.  I love the colors, the story, the music, the feel, the language, everything about this film.
Youve Got Mail... my all time favorite feel good movie.  I just love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, and together they are just adorable.  I think I have this whole movie memorized.  Seriously.  Love it.
Rushmore... I love each and every Wes Anderson movie.  I love the simplicity of his movies, the way he directs, his visual imagery is superb.  He always uses the best music made just for his movies, and re-uses interesting characters throughout all of his movies.  Top favorite director... one of them at least.
Pulp Fiction... a long time favorite.  one that never goes out of style.  Quentin Tarentino is my other favorite director.  Love everything he does.  
My Neighbor Totoro... my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie.  Again, I love everything he touches.  Favorite japanese animator, story teller, director, everything.  This is a magical movie that will make you fall in love with wonder and adventure.  I recommend seeing all of his movies.

Enjoy!  Most of you have probably already seen all of these, if not, go watch them!



  1. Oh my goodness! I love Totoro! My mom got a copy when I was 2 years old and I've been watching it ever since! Thanks for reminding me about a movie that always makes me smile =)
    Have a Happy Friday!!!

  2. Pulp Fiction is MY FAVOURITE!

  3. You've Got Mail is my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. I too have it completely memorized and quote it in DAILY life.
    good movie choices.

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  5. I'm so excited you took my idea and made it your own! I know what you mean about quotes being taken out of context. One of my favorite movies is "As Good As It Gets" and whenever I quote it, people seem a little disturbed. *hee hee*

    "My Neighbor Totoro" and "You've Got Mail" are two of my favorite movies, as well. I was only introduced to "Totoro" this year, though. (And it made me cry! Big baby!)

  6. Brina, thank you! Im glad you understand :) and i love As Good As It Gets! great film! and yes, i cried at totoro too. love it.

  7. Gotta love the pulp fiction!

  8. Amélie and Totoro have got to be on my favourite movie list as well, and you've got mail is also a really great one!!

  9. I love Wes Anderson movies also :) My favorite Wes Anderson movie is The Life Aquatic. Amelie is in my top 10 favorites list-it's so beautiful :)

  10. Oh YES - a huge "ditto" to all of these, especially Amelie, Rushmore, and Pulp Fiction. Great picks!

  11. totoro is my fave miyazaki film too!!! it's just so dang cute! :]

  12. ah totoro!
    it's amazing movie


  13. Haaa Amelie Poulain.. All strangers who have seen this movie think that france is like in the movie ^^ I really like this movie with his vintage effect and Audrey Tautou is great !


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