Hopping Feather

I just noticed that my friend Katelyn posted her very first bunny for sale in her shop!  Her name is Hopping Feather.  I think she is quite adorable and super affordable!  Precious Precious!

These two little adorable bunnies are the ones she sent us for christmas!  Mine is the colorful one and Jame's is the plaid one.  Arent they just too cute!!!!  I love their floppy long ears.  We have yet to name them, still waiting for the perfect fit.

(Top 5 Friday will be put on hold until next friday)

I am spending my sunday filling a wholesale order.  And hopefully tonite another movie date with the boy.  Lately we have watched the following movies:
Lovely Bones
Winter's Bone
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
The Town
& tonite The Road...



  1. Awwww thank you! I can't wait to see photos you take of yours and James bunnies. :) <3!

  2. So cute! :) I just love seeing people's creativity. It really inspires me.
    I have to say Miss Laura that your closet makeover inspired me to organize my spice cabinet. Not as exciting as yours but it needed done, so thank you! :)

  3. Those bunnies are cute. But those tights are super cute!

  4. Target Nena. :)

    How was the Lovely Bones? I loved the book but am afraid to see the movie and it ruin it.

  5. i loved Lovely Bones, but i didnt read the book so i had nothing to compare it to..

  6. I will have to watch it and just go in with a mindset of it being a different story than the book. :)

  7. I love them and want one


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