Things I MISS

Just thinking of things I miss tonite:

Taking photographs

Hearing James play guitar

This beautiful friend of mine

Pink hair

I could think of more for sure!

But I'll leave it at that.

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  1. Aww! Why don't you take more photographs!! Maybe...you can dye pink strands again then take pics of james playing his guitar <3

    You are beautiful and I would love to hear your love story and see your beautiful wedding pics :D

  2. oh and if your friend doesn't live near you...SKYPE with her :D

  3. thanks lex, i think i should! i have not taken photos in a while just because of time, or really just focusing on other things! i use to do so much self portraiture, and then i think i just hit a time when i started to feel self concious about it. im not sure why really.

    i will get together a post of my wedding...wish my photos were as magnificant as yours! i wish so bad i could of taken my own photos :)

    my friend does live near, we are just always to busy it seems. just like all my other friends. and i dont have skype...but thanks!!!

    i would love a friend who wanted to just come over and craft with me!!!

  4. Love the pink hair!! How fun! I want to put some red in mine but don't know if I can pull it off??

    Ohhh...wedding pics would be devine!!

  5. pretty blog, pretty lady! love the pink in your hair. loving the photos... that pic of your dog with the icicle is so damn cute! awww

  6. Wow you rock the pink hair! Awesome photo of your hubby playing the guitar, what kind of stuff does he like to play? That's got to be on my list of most favs is listening to my guy play as well. And I admire all of your self portraits, they are amazing - keep taking them! :)



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