Penny Threads


My dear friend Renea has started a blog for her adorable shop Pennythreads.

She is super crafty as well as an excelled artist.

She just started her etsy shop, there you can find some of her amazing cowls and original paintings, as well as prints. She is working on many more new items.

She is also a beautiful writer, so you might find yourself allured and tangled in her words, I highly recommend becoming her friend!

This is an original painting that she did of me. She literally blew me away with it, it now hangs proudly over my bed!

Go visit her shop and be her first sale, you wont regret it!

Follow her blog to see her journey unfold!



  1. wow! you totally surprised me with this one. much <3 my dear friend.

  2. hehe. if the blog link doesn't work, it's really easy to remember: www.pennythreads.blogspot.com

  3. Gotta check out her blog! Thanks for suggesting her! I love that creamy colored cowl with the black ribbon!

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