The Pumpkin Roll

First things first, as promised, The Pumpkin Roll:

For those of you who did not read my earlier posts, I made my cousin Shane a pumpkin roll for christmas. My mom used to make it for him every year for his present, so I decided this year to carry on the tradition. It was my first time making one!

So here it goes!

started off quite simple, basic ingredients... I was feeling very confident!
of course, I had my little helper by my side, she always sits right here while I am baking/cooking in the kitchen!
my favorite bowls! James got me this bowl from anthropologie last year, I love it and use it all the time! and the green measuring cup is from there too!

So I got the crust baked and on the tea towel, so proud! I was feeling VERY confident by now!

Until this happened! Eeeek! I knew something was bound to go wrong!
So, I sucked it up and decided to make a pumpkin sandwich!
Full of yummy cream cheese icing!

But I had just enough pumpkin left to try again! So I did. This time I baked the crust 5 minutes less, and I used cheese cloth to roll it up in. I set it in the fridge for about an hour before unrolling it for the filling. Worked like a charm, but I only had a bit of filling left from the first one and was too lazy to go to the store for more ingredients! So, its beautiful but not as tasty as the 'sandwich'. So I gave my cousin the 'sandwich' one for his present!

It was alot of fun to make though, I will definitely try again!

And here are all my chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies getting ready for packaging!
Heres the inside packaging...
And the outside! The little stamp is my new Violet Bella stamp that James got custom made for me for christmas! Is it not the cutest thing? I will post more pics in my next blog of gifts!

Some of my calendars wrapped for christmas!

So much more coming. I have a ton of pics, so I will be breaking up the posts! And today I am getting together the winner of the giveaway!



  1. thanks for the recipe, it looks so yummy!!!

  2. That looks very yummy! Cute stamp.

  3. awww lovely photos, they look so good!



  4. that pumpkin sandwich looks delicious! so does the roll...great job laura. and james did an awesome job designing that stamp. it's adorable! :D can't wait for more posts.

  5. i'm enjoying your wrap jobs. and the pumpkin roll looks so tasty!

  6. I think the pumpkin roll sandwich was delicous and it looked good too...like one of those layered cakes. Yum! Scott didn't have time to make one for christmas this year so I have requested one for my birthday instead of a cake! Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

    I loved reading your christmas post! You got some lovely things and the things you made were beautiful. It melted my heart to see that you make your animals gifts. You are the sweetest and they are so lucky!!


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