New Jewelry :)

So, its been a while since Ive done any kind of jewelry or shop update.
Here is a bit of what you can look forward to in the new year.
These are all posted and in the shop already.

I am loving them all, I am beginning to really come into my own as far as knowing exactly what I love working with. Hopefully others will agree :)

Later I will post a NEW YEARS entry!

Click on the etsy mini above and go check out the newbies in the shop!



  1. Loooove them all but seriously in love with that last necklace!!!!! *swoon* I love seeing all that you're creating. Just in the past couple months, it's like you're just blossoming even more! Happy New Year!!!! xoxo

  2. That necklace is amazing!! I love owls!!

  3. These are all so amazing! I will for sure be checking out your shop. You are so talented!!

  4. Omg Laura! I just love these!! I can't get enough of your stuff!! ::plots a way to get money fast...legal and with integrity of course....but..I must...buy...one...of...each!::

    seriously though...beautiful jewelry!!!!!!

    Love you Laura and I hope you and your hubby have the most Amazing New years!! that this year, Your shop wil sky rocket, that this year love will overflow in your marriage, that this year..many blessings will be poured out onto your life...that this year..you'll feel Gods hand..guiding you the whole way through..that this year..God provides you with the most bestest friend you could ever have imagined ;)

    Love you!!


  5. could you possibly be any more inspiring??? it's amazing! you know, i have my pics that i got from you in frames and i almost packed them with my stuff for my show so that i could advertise your lovely work during my month-long exhibit. would you mind if i did that? you can even send me some cards or flyers or whatever so that i could set them on my table ;o)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR my beautiful & inspiring friend!

  6. If you show me the song..I'll learn it and sing it just for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and well, I would love to take that place ->talking abut the hint hint sentence lol, I will definitely try and be the bestest friend to you, but I want you to have one you can be around all the time too!! ::moves over near Laura:: lol I wish! but I honestly just want you to have that uber best friend ever girl dreams of!!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!