Crafty Friends, Help!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I just dont even know where to begin.

I am trying to make all of my Christmas presents this year, to save money, and in my heart its a tradition I would like to carry on. I think it gives more meaning, more value, more connection.

But my list seems never-ending, of people at least. But for some reason I am having the hardest time deciding what I actually want to make for each person. I thought I had it figured out, but I dont.

And the days are counting down.

I think my problem is that I want to do everything for everyone. Its so hard to stick to one simple thing for each person.

Do you feel this way?

What are some of the projects you guys are making for friends and family this holiday?

I could definately use some inspiration.

I would say what I have already made or planning to make, but I cant give any of my presents away or it may spoil a few surprises!

{the image above is a very old self portrait}


On a lighter note: we went grocery shopping yesterday, and just for buying my usual pasta, which was already on my list, I got a 32 oz tube of chocolate chip cookie dough for FREE!

I dont know if you know what size the 32 oz one is, but its the BIG one!

I wanted to break out in full blown happy dance soooo bad!

I plan on eating half of it raw and baking the other half, good idea?

James tells me I cant do that!

But I want to sooo bad!



  1. I would totally eat half of it. ;)

    I'm having the exact same problem! It seems so overwhelming and it's coming up so soon! I know I'm doing a couple yoyo necklaces for some friends that have said they want one. Other than that, I'm at a loss!!!

  2. I seem to be on a knitting binge for Christmas mostly - lots of big warm hats and easy fingerless gloves - a few small art dolls - ooh and I have to make a HUGE batch of decorated snowflake cookies!

    I WANT to eat the dough and I'm not even there!!!

  3. Been there...done that!... I was running like crazy trying to figure out what goes with who. But I have made it! Some of my ideas were:
    1.Handmade jewelery for the girls
    2.Frames or stands for photos
    3.Handmade Christmas cards
    4.A decorative garland
    5.Brooches (with cork, buttons, dried flowers e.t.c.)
    6.Candle holders
    Hmmm...I can't think of anything else right now. I hope I've helped a little. Good Luck!

  4. So it's not just me! I've been planning to do this for a couple of months already and as Christmas is looming closer and closer, and I keep on procrastinating, the task at hand is becoming more and more fearsome!
    Ideas so far are a personalised diary/planner, a miniature decorative floral painting, appliqued cushion cover, calendars... and then I start hyperventilating and thinking maybe I'll just go with mix CDs!

  5. You are in good company! I was just stressing about this a few days ago. I'm also handmaking my gifts for family and friends, I try to do it almost every Christmas. I decided this year I was going to do some baking, so I'm going to do baking pumpkin bread in a jar. I want to decorate it with a cute label and fabric for the top. I've got a lot of gifts to give and I know people love baked goods (I know I do!) so I thought it would be an affordable way to give a lot of gifts. I'm also making some lip balm for my nieces, a necklace for my best friend, sewing a blanket and felt blocks for my little girl. I wanted to knit my husband a new hat but I don't think I will have time, so I may buy one from another seller :)
    Good luck with your gifts, I've always loved handmade things, it's really personalized and a nice treat.

  6. Oh that is that is what I miss most now that I am on a gluten free diet! Raw cookie dough. Yummy! I use to bake the cookie dough too for maybe 5 minutes and it gets all warm and gooey and would then eat it with a spoon. Try it...you won't regret it!

    Making gifts for everyone is a little stressful. I am still trying to figure out what to make my dad and father in law!! They are the hardest.

    Some of the things I am making are embroidered pictures, scarves, afghan, canvas embroidered shopping totes, and the floral tshirts.

    Good luck! I know you can do it!! Finding the time is the hardest for me. I lugged my big afghan with me to work today to work on on my breaks!!

  7. omg! I love raw cookie dough!!! My mom used to buy the dough and we'd have a tablespoon of raw dough a day...sometimes I'd sneak two but shhhh..!

    Hmm..For gift Ideas...I'd say maybe writing down a list of everyone you want to get gifts for..from family to friends.
    then write down something that makes you think of that person, write like 3 things for each person if anything..then think of something that resembles that..it can be super small, but the thought is the part that matters the most!

    also for people that you're not super close too but still care about you can always bake them goodies! this year we're on a tight budget but I'm gonna bake homemade cookies and wrap it all pretty and give it to friends and our security guards.

    I'm sure it'll come to you and your gifts we'll be GREATLY recieved with joyful smiles!!

  8. Jamie-I made my first yoyo just last night! so fun and cute, great idea!

    Kittyj-if only i knew how to knit! a big batch of cookies sounds perfect!

    Anzouya-thanks so much for sending your list! great ideas! handmade jewelry is def on my list!

    Marisa-i think i will be giving away some of my calendars too! right there with you girl!

    Olivia-i am going to make a pumpkin roll for one of my cousins, i know that!

    Amber-the guys are always the hardest, they just might have to do with cookies! and i am going to have to try your cookie dough idea!

    Alexie-thanks for the list idea, i have made a list of people and items, but this sounds much more personalized and fun! thank you!
    and i so wish we were closer to craft and eat cookie dough together!!!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!