Sick Day

This is me yesterday and today.

I feel sick and lack all motivation to do anything.

I tried crocheting, but didnt get too far.

I took a long bath.

Highlight of today, my friend Renea stopped by and gave me my Xmas present.
She made me one of her most beautiful scarfs:

I am so happy, it is my favorite in her shop!

Go check out the rest of her items, she is making some really cool hand stained wooden boxes too!

Thank you Renea!

And she also brought me yummy treats from the fam!
Spiced chai cookies and mini pumpkin loafs (i think they are pumpkin), among other goodies!

It was a nice treat in the midst of not feeling good, but the nicest part was just seeing her for a bit. We chatted crafts for a while and it was just nice to see her!

Argghhh, believe it or not, we have to go to the laundry mat when james gets home tonite, at like 10:30, and its cold and rainy outside! I so dont want to go out!

Out for now...



  1. Awww, I hope you feel better soon! That's a beautiful scarf! I wish we were close. I'd come get your laundry for you and bring you some soup. Or chocolate. Or both. Whatever would help, lol. Feel better soon!!!!

  2. Spiced chai cookies?? sounds good! Hope you start feeling better soon! :)

  3. i just wanted to tell you that i think your blog is adorable, and you are so talented!

    hope you are feeling better! :)

  4. :-( I'm in the same spot. New Year's Eve is around the corner and I'm with a bad cold, sneezing all day!How awful is that?Hope we'll be better soon!TAKE CARE!

  5. aww noo!! I hope you feel better sooon!!!!!!! The scarf you got is beautiful though :D and a nice visit from a friend is always a good little piece of medicine..for the heart anyways :D

    I really really hope you feel better soon my love!!

  6. I hope you get to feeling better Laura! Sorry you had to get out in the icky weather. I am dreading doing laundry too. Ours is in the basement of our house but we have to go outside to access it. Not sounding so good with all the snow we have on the ground. Happy New Years to you!!

  7. yay! Im so excited you got my name! I love reading your blogs!! <3 Ok my favorite animal right now is the panda!! <333333 pandas!!!

  8. FEEL BETTER!!!! I received my necklace in the mail and I am in LOVEEEEE!!! Thank you.... it is a piece of art. xo

  9. that little teddy looks exhausted...probably from being cute all day!! lol :)
    I hope you feel better soon, I'm kind of in the same boat, still suffering from this odd stomach flu thing I got from eating candy Christmas day:( no fun.

    I really love teddy bears and that's really sweet how you and James named those dolls and all:)
    I hope you get well!


    p.s. beautiful scarf! I've seen your friends shop, it is lovely, her banner is so neat, that's you on it right? really cool!

  10. Get better soon! I have loved reading about your holiday! Your husband seems very sweet to you! I also loved going through the baking with you lol Relax an dget some rest!



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