A Foot Fetish

This is my response to Jamie's last blog...

Do you ever take feet pictures???

Um, I would say that I do! And also legs...

{all images are mine, if you repost them anywhere, please give credit}

I have more, but really the only pairs of shoes I wear, everyday, are the yellow flower stitched ones and my green converse (not pictured)

Some of these are my feet and some are friends.

All you foot lovers, enjoy!


  1. LOL, you have pretty feet pictures!!! Thanks for sharing! I always have the same type. Looking down...shoes & floor/ground. I may have to change it up a bit. ;)

  2. I love these feet/shoe pictures!

  3. I guess I have to be greatful for your foot fetish (lol) because without it there would be no 'Dorothy print which you know I totally ADORE!!!
    all of these shoes are so cute especially those grey-ish moccasins in pic 3 :)


    p.s. I've been taking foot shots for ages, it's so much fun! :)

  4. i LOVE feet! always had an obsession with drawing them when i was in art school. love your pics missy, always! <3


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