Cuteness Overload, The girls behind VIOLET BELLA

If you are not interested in CUTENESS, then please go read another blog :)

{okay, so this is a ridiculous amount of pics for one post, but I had the hardest time just paring it down to these ones!}

Here are the two girls behind the name VIOLET BELLA.


This is my baby girl Violet. I found her living under the neighbors shed, in the cold rainy weather. It took me a week to coax her to me, she was the most shy, timid thing Ive ever met.
We built her a huge pin, and now she lives between her outdoor sanctuary and inside with us.
She loves paintbrushes and empty milk jugs, she will steal them whenever she can. But those are the only things!
morning snuggles. this was a long time ago, i now longer have that ugly couch!
he he, her silly ears...I think her ears look like teddy bear ears and that they dont belong on her, maybe she is just part teddy bear, she is really snuggly!
We had a snow day two years back. and she had this icicle in her mouth, this has to be our favorite photo of her!
We got all bundled up for a walk out in the snow, this is her relaxing before hand.

Chillin on the porch, she loves to sit in this chair and watch things. She has her chair and Bella sits on a bench in the window.
At Lost Maples, she loved it sooooo much there!
Showing her daddy how smart she is!
Yes, this is her sitting in her tree. This tree is in her pin and she has always done this! I couldnt believe it the first time I saw it! She gets up in it all by herself and perches, sometimes for over an hour, and just watches cars and stuff go by. It is the funniest thing, people must laugh when they go by!


This is my beautiful Bella.

She may look tough in this photo, but let me tell you that she isnt. She will run under the bed at the sound of the vaccuum, or a worker inside the house, or if she gets the sneaking suspicion that she is about to be taken to the v.e.t.
she loves to lay on the porch and watch stuff, almost a daily routine, if its not cold out.
she likes to hide under here and play. one of her favorite things is to play chase in the house, and she usually ends up hiding under here.
she helped me garden this summer.
this is her window she sits at everyday. she spends most of her time on this pink pillow. she is probably the most lazy cat i know.
lol, i just think this photo is too funny!
laying on the floor inside, she always has to be by my side, so this was her hanging next to me while i was doing whatever.
and she LOVES to roll around on the ground, and eat grass, and then get sick...
Helping me in the clutter art studio. She is always by my side while I craft!
relaxing on the bed with all our babies!
so pretty...
me and her in the kitchen lovin each other.
i adore this photo of her, is she not the prettiest thing ever!!!!
hope you enjoyed!



  1. Omg, I just love that sweet cat!!! The dog is sweet, too, but I'm sooooo a cat person. Lovely photos, as always!

  2. my goodness.....how beautiful are they??!!! love this post!

    love + luck + bliss,
    missysue xox

    p.s. i did disappear for awhile, lol. been taking time to just "hang", lol.

  3. i just LOVE those photos!!! seriously beautiful pets! :] (i have 3 dogs myself so i'm partial)


  4. My fav of Violet is the one on the bed with the hat and my fav of bella is looking out the window. So cute! loved your post!!

  5. They are so beautiful! :) I loved this post :)

  6. Awww, how sweet are they? Bella looks like quite a character & what a beautiful shot of Violet on her pink pillow w/ the pink flowers.

  7. You're right... cuteness overload!! So adorable!

  8. Laura...
    Your Violet and Bella are adorable. I would love to have a dog like that but I will have to do some major begging...maybe someday! Love the photos. They really capture their personality.

  9. I just loved your cuteness over dose! Your pictures are so much fun to look at!
    Violet is sooooo cute in that winter hat (I can't believe she climbs trees, that's awesome)!!!
    Bella is quite the beauty, her eyes are amazing!
    love this post!


  10. awww the cuteness!

    where do you live? i loveee lost maples, i've only been once though. i live in houston btw, just seeing if we're close, not trying to be creepy;)

  11. Such pretty animal! Bella truly lives up to her name. This post remind me a little bit of a book that my children love called The Animal of Maple Hill Farm, which always makes me cry at the end. It talks about the animals that we love and their little quirks and personalities. They are such blessings.

  12. Soooo cute. You have some awesome photos of them! I love how fluffy Bella is, she seems like she has such a cute personality. And Violet seems to have a lot of spunk! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Hi - I am a new reader of your blog and just wanted to say I think your blog is so cute! I have added it to my reading list and I have added your blog button to my blog. I love your pets they are adorable. And I love your tattoo of the blue birds. It is stunning!

  14. Hahahaha ohhhhhh I looooooooove this entry! SO CUTE! *overdosed on cuteness quota for the day now*


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