Its a random kind of day...

I am feeling very random at the moment. Probably a good thing I am blogging straight from Picassa, it only allows me four photos, or there would probably be a whole slew of things on this post!

This is the wreath I made for my front door. The lovely brooch on top was a gift from the lovely Missy Sue

The peacock is from my halloween costume, click here to see my outfit!

I want to make all of these! so cute! I love the elephants ears :)

This dress is in my etsy shop. Its the first of its kind that I have made. All hand-stitched. I almost hate to part with it, but it needs a loving appreciative owner!

click here to see it in the shop

Dont forget about the 2010 Violet Bella calendar!!!

click here


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  1. Omg! I made my wreath too but it didn't come out nearly as nice as yours..lol I'm still a noobie!

    I'll be posting up pics soon!

    Hope you had a great weekend gorgeous!

  2. Love your wreath! SOooo pretty!

  3. Your wreath is so lovely, I love that you've included bits and pieces from other things, like the butterfly and the peacock feather. I never realized how much I loved the colors of peacock feathers until I saw it in used in your shots, lovely!
    Those are some cute little animals, definitely post pics if you make some!
    That dress is amazing, your style is so effortless, I love it!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. I love the wreath!! Looks like it was made totally off the cuff in a creative fit, I LOVE that! Funky and festive while not being over-the-top-Christmas! Just great.

  5. love the wreath...what a cute idea!


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