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its almost christmas, i cant believe how fast it is coming!

which means, i get to see my nanna! the BEST part of christmas!!!

Today, once I get my butt in gear, I will be baking, baking, baking!

Cant wait till I can share all of my projects with you guys, after xmas!

big love.

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  1. omg! first off..LOVE the collage...SECOND!!!! UNICORN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After we regather money for christmas! I am sooooooo ordering that!! IDk..I just have a thing for unicorns! lol

    You are soooooo beautiful!! and I can't wait to see your baked goodies and I'm so glad you get to spend that time with your nanna!!!

  2. I thought the unicorn was yours!!

    Ok..well..I'd rather buy a unicorn from you! so if you ever make a unicorn...LET ME KNOW! I'll be your first buyer :D

  3. LEX- you are too funny! you should totally buy that necklace from SeaUnicorn, she has great stuff and the prettiest photos! i love using her in my treasuries because of her lovely photography!

    if i ever come across a unicorn though, i will definitely make one for you!

    i thought today was wednesday, so i wont be baking until tomorrow! im a day ahead of myself! so instead i will be creating a few more xmas gifts! i might just have to bake some cookies anyway thought b/c i want one!

    thank you girl!

  4. I'll go check out her stuff <3
    I really do like the unicorn!! MmM....COOKIES!!!

    I hope you have an awesome time baking!!!!

    ps...be on the look out ->points to mailbox

  5. Awwwwwww, Laura you are too cute in that picture with your nanna!!!! So sweet:)

    I can't wait to see some of your cooking projects....yum!!!

    Sarah and I are getting ready to start our holiday baking too:) we, team up with our Mommy, bake tons of chocolate chip cookies and orange ginger walnut cookies every year. Then we pass them out to the neighbors and spread the Christmas cheer. It's become our tradition we've been doing it for ages!

    your treasury looks beautiful, I'm going to get a much better look!


  6. I am in love with the collage. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for the necklace!!! I love absolutely everything that is on your etsy. Have fun baking and can't wait to hear about all the goodies that you make. Have fun with your Nana. xo Happy Holidays

  7. Olivia, orange ginger walnut cookies sound to die for! wow! what an awesome tradition your family has created! im about to post my cookies!

    Caroline, thank you so much! cant wait to hear what you think of the necklace, it really is a beautiful one!

  8. you & nanna are sweet! i'm excited to see pics from your christmas & baking!

  9. Your treasury just made the front page!!!! What a beautiful collection you put together.

    Merry, merry Christmas!!!


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