Reconnecting with old friends >>>

 The other day I got to reconnect with my childhood best friend and take a few photos for her and her adorable family.  Her baby girl Molly is almost 2 years old.  Its sort of hard to believe.  Its really cool reconnecting with friends from your childhood once you are in full adulthood.  No matter how many years youve missed with each other, that childhood bond never goes away.  Its like your heartstrings get sewn together for a lifetime.  Nikki is such a natural mother.  I love seeing her with her little girl.

My lovely friend makes the most adorable baby leg warmers and now has a shop for handmade diapers as well!  Im already picking out fabrics for diapers for when we have a little one!  You can find her on facebook and twitter too.



  1. How adorable is she? I also love reconnecting with old friends. I love the way you put "it's like your heartstrings get sewn together for a lifetime." You have such a lovely way with words!



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