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Yesterday we finally were able to make it in to Whole Foods this month to get some yummy food. It was James day off, which always means errand day.  It was a pretty stressful day.  James was back and forth on the phone all morning with his doctor and insurance companies.  James has a seizure disorder that he has to take meds for on a daily basis.  They are very important pills and something that can not be messed around with.  He has had 4 or 5 grand mal seizures since weve been married and it was just about the scariest thing Ive ever witnessed.  So anyway, this last time he got his prescription filled, they had come out with a generic of his med, so his insurance wont cover the regular ones anymore, but his doctor (who is an excellent doctor) has told us that it is not a good idea for him to take them, especially since its a drug for his brain.  Some generics are completely fine, but some are not so good.  Long story short, if we cannot find a way around this somehow, his pills will go from $60 a month to $800.  Outrageous!  That basically means we would lose our home over this.  But his doctor is fighting it for us and if worse comes to worse, we may have to switch his meds again, which is never easy or fun.  It is so so frustrating b/c its all about making money to these companies.  And since James works at a corporation with a tight hold on their insurance, he cant get his pills filled at other places or hell lose his insurance at work, which is half the reason he stays at that job.  I hate so much that he even has to take these pills everyday, it breaks my heart to know he has to have that stress and worry all time of possibly having a seizure.  Luckily so far, he has always been at home when he has had one, and not driving or something.  This is another thing that tops my list of fears.  I really do think Ill make a post about fear.  Some are legit and some are pretty silly, but Id like to start working through them instead of allowing them to continue ruling me.

Aside from all of that.... I was very happy to wear my new wooden birdie necklace c/o That Vintage.  I have admired this very necklace for quite some time (like a few years) now.  It is so beautiful in person, and it means so much to me now that when I see two birds together, I am reminded that my parents are back together.  Love this necklace.  

When the package arrived I was pleasantly greeted with adorable packaging.  I love her little birdie stamp and touches of twine.  The whole thing was impeccable.  Beautiful.  Sophie Hill is an amazing artist.

Id also like to announce the winner of the That Vintage giveaway!!!
Lauren from Of The Freckled Kind



  1. Oh my gosh, are you even kidding me? This is so exciting!
    Thank you, Laura and thank you, That Vintage! (Sorry, I don't know your name(s)!)

    I don't think I've ever actually won a giveaway before! What an awesome one to win, thank you both again! :)

  2. lauren, send me you email address :)

  3. I can definitely relate to your fears. My husband has medical problems and dealing with all the companies are so frustrating. They could care less about health and only about money. Not to mention his job and everything else. I really hope things work out for you...dealing with medications can be so stressful :(

  4. Oh, haha! :D
    ofthefreckledkind (at) gmail.com
    Thank you both again!

  5. I can't imagine- We have no insurance (we can't afford any and Marc's job won't give him more than 28 hours so he can't qualify) Luckily the girls are on Medicaid but it is my fear that something will happen to Marc and I and we won't be able to afford the hospital bills. Since we are in Alabama, we as adults don't get any coverage like Medicaid. I wish these companies provided more affordable options for low-income families! I hope things work out for you, its no good stressing about $$!

    Also, love that outfit, especially the skirt!

    p.s sent your package yesterday!

  6. Gorgeous necklace! I also am completely loving the floor length skirt and how you wore it. So casual and chic.
    Side bar: sorry to hear about your husband. That sound insanely stressful. I'm crossing my fingers for you guys.

  7. Lordy, I'm so sorry about James's situation. That SUCKS. Stupid insurance!!!

  8. It's absolutely appalling that insurance companies can get away with the highway robbery and manipulation that have become a hallmark of the American healthcare system. Absolutely unconscionable! So sorry to hear that he's having to fight this, I hope the insurance company relents.

    Love the necklace, btw!

  9. i dated someone who had grand mal seizures. He actually had dystonia. he was on all sorts of meds, and drinks. he also had kidney failure, and had dyalisis 3 times a week 4 hours at a time. he was in and out of the hospital. this all happened when we first started dating. it was scary to watch him go through all of that.
    His meds were sooo dang expensive. oine of the meds was like $40,000 every 6 months. he had to keep those meds in the freezer. if not, they would discolor, and not be any good.
    It is so upsetting how the insurance, and med makers take advantage! Dont they get enough money already???

  10. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this whole insurance business thing! It's so stressful and hurtful. I hope things will work out in your favor.

    Congrats to Lauren!

  11. I am sorry that you are dealing with the ridiculousness that is our health care system. I always get so incredibly mad when my friends and loved ones with pre existing conditions cannot get coverage or be treated the way they need to and need to take risks due to health coverage. Wishing you luck in your quest to balance finances and health.


  12. Grand Mal seizures are definitely scary. My grandmother was diagnosed in her 50s of epilepsy and she's not allowed to drive because of it.

  13. insurance companies are evil. i don't know anyone who wants to take medicine or be sick. why do some people act like it's even a choice, when clearly it's a necessity. it's completely frustrating!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your dealings with the insurance company over meds your hubby needs.why do they have to make things so difficult for people? I am saying a prayer for you both.I love the neckless so cute and I love the skirt where did you get it?
    much love,katy

  15. Love, I'll be praying so hard for you & James and that something gets worked out. Insurance companies are supposed to help us and they end up making things so difficult! It's absolutely ridiculous. I'm sorry. <3

  16. praying for your family !

    you always look beautiful and you wear your clothes so well.

  17. I'm so sorry to read about James situation, you'll be on my prays dear

  18. WOW!
    Hi Laura, This is the first time i actually find your blog and read it.... i found you on Etsy and {L O V E} your store!
    It is so sad to hear that you and your husband are going thru that insurance situation.... hopefully everything works out for you!

    What really brought me to you blog is to tell you that your art INSPIRES me waaaaay to much!! And is also Motivates me to follow what i like to do =)!!

    I think i can consider myself an artist that struggles with time, but i get sometimes a chance to play with beads or ink. if you get a chance check my fbook page :).

    I will love for you to give me an opinion!! =)


    Have a great rest of the week!,


    P.S: i am new @ networking and sorry if my english is not the best ;)

  19. i hate to hear that about his meds. but sadly, you are right. its all about the money. i work at an orthopadic clinic so i dont have to deal with med refils but i still know how people suffer finicially in order to get their medicine, espically the elderly. its very sad. hopefully they will cover the brand name, if not, maybe the generic will not make him suffer more. good luck to you!!!! and i love that necklace and your outfit in awesome!!

  20. Gotta love cute packaging to match such a cute necklace! :)

    I also thought I'd mention that you were awarded a "Tell Me About Yourself" award on my blog. :)


  21. Wow. That's a lot of money for medicine! I hope it all works out!

    Beautiful necklace!

  22. I'm so happy long skirts are in, bc that means skimping on shaving is in too! Woot!


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