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 The other day James wanted to take me out on a date to our local wine bar, so of course I said YES!  I love going on dates when its his idea.  I really wanted to wear my green tights for the first time and I wanted to be sort of dressed up for a date, but totally cozy at the same time.  Besides the tights, the rest of this outfit has been in my closets for years.  Just some good ol' cozy staples to fall back on.  The best part, these amazing moccassins were my moms.  Although Im pretty sure she had them for a halloween costume, i still love them.  I accessorized with my favorite feather in a bottle necklace and a single feather earring from my Roots and Feathers line (both pieces I kept for myself).  For the first time, after seeing these photos, I realized just how long my hair is finally getting!  I love it.  Ive been trying to grow  my hair out unsuccessfully for the past several years.  So its very exciting for me (personally)!

 I want to thank everyone who bought something over this crazy holiday shopping weekend!  It was wonderful.  Im working hard on getting everything out as quickly as I can.  I packaged till my little arm hurt today :)  Which I am so very thankful for!  I have to say, it was almost as crazy as being the featured seller!  I really didnt expect that kind of outcome, so thank you so much!!!  Im pretty sure Im going to be taking the last week or two off from my shops (like actually putting them on vaca) to work on some new things, be inspired, make some gifts, enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, and all of those sort of things.  Im kind of going to have to force myself to do this.  Im not so good at taking off real periods from work.  So well see, I say it now!!!  But I think I owe it to myself.  Sort of like a preparation for a new wind for the new year.  Ill still be here on the blog though.  

Just a reminder, two days left to get a sponsor spot or send me your info if you already placed one!  And be on the lookout for some giveaways coming up tomorrow!!!



  1. you are so gorgeous...truly iconic style. thank you for posting these!

  2. You look so adorable and absolutely cozy! And a wine bar- how lovely. :)

  3. So glad the weekend treated you well. <3 And I love little miss Violet sitting at the gate in the background of the first photo. Probably watching squirrels or something. :)

  4. you look so beautiful honey hope you had a great night! I love date nights with my hubby also.

  5. beautiful as always! a wine bar sounds perfect too by the way! --on the topic of hair-when I was trying to grow mine out someone told me to buy (now this may sound kinda nutty) but to buy horse shampoo! it's called mane and tail (hehe) but it totally worked! you can buy it at your local cvs or rite aid etc and it's in a huge yellow, white and blue bottle. it makes your hair strong and i suppose that's how it grows faster. my hair was completely dead too from over-dying it and it really brought it back to life. swear by that stuff! either way your hair looks lovely : )

  6. Haha I love what Lorena said about Mane n' Tail--that's what Will Ferrel's character uses in "Blades of Glory." It's pretty funny, but I do believe it works. : ]

    I totally keep things I make for myself sometimes too. I would keep everything if I could ; ] but I know I'd never wear it all!

    And if it means anything, from what I read on your blog, it seems like you really do deserve some time off--you should take it and not feel the least bit guilty for it. : ]

  7. love this look and pretty dark colors

  8. lorena, thanks! ha ha that does sound funny but sometimes the oddest things are what work best! ill give it a shot!

    and beckie, yes every now and then i let myself keep something! i dont do it often enough. that is the hardest part about making stuff you truly love and put your heart into... you want it all for yourself, ha!

  9. Haha no problem! & @Beckie if Will Ferrell does it in a movie it just makes it that much more awesome in my book! Haha ; )


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