Baby Travis >>>

Meet baby Travis.  He is my new beautiful blue eyed little nephew.  I now have two nephews, my brothers little boy Aiden, and now James' brothers little boy Travis.  When James and I have a baby we better even out this playing field with a little girl.  And yes, this little boy did make my baby fever worse.  Id like to know from those of you who already have little ones, did you plan it at all?  The having a child in general and did you plan the timing of its birth?  Im curious.  Both of our nephews were very unplanned, but Ive seen how they both have been the biggest blessings to both of our brothers.  But James and I are super planners...
{Dear little Travis, I cant wait to see how you change and grow throughout the years to come.  I hope that James and I will be the aunt and uncle you always feel like you can turn to when you need someone.  I think you are a huge blessing in all of the lives of your daddy's family.  In just the short time you have been here I have seen you change hearts and create such sincere smiles.  Thank you for being here.}



  1. He is so beautiful! Agh, makes my baby fever grow worse. My husband and I are planners too and it just wouldn't be right to have a baby now. But....how can you resist when you see beautiful little babies like this? ahh...

  2. I absolutely adore being an Auntie it is such fun! My niece is four months old now and they are just the most adorable things! Travis is beautiful! <3

  3. I planned my little guy...even down to trying to get pg at the right time of year as to not suffer during the summer months with being too big/hot. I've got some fever cooking again too!

  4. Oh he's so perfect! Makes me very broody ;)

    I am totally a planner and had to feel like everything else in my life was in place before we had our little boy. But now I'm thinking about another baby, and it feels like it would be madness and yet... I think this time I may just go with the flow!

    My brother had 2 pretty-much unplanned (and to outsiders very ill-timed!) babies in just over 2 years. Crazy but absolutely wonderful. They are a madly happy and gorgeous, loving family!

    So many people said to me "it's never the right time, so just go for it!" I think there's some truth in that, but some times are more "right" than others.

  5. Oh my gosh. he gives me BABY FEVER!!!!!!!

    and no- you cant really plan it.... Its in Gods hands. Sometimes when you try to plan.... it never happens.. because people overthink it. when we have 5,000 saved or when i get a better job, or after we move!

    girl... just do it! You guys are ready! and if you arent, trust me you will get there! these little blessings change your life... oh soooooo for the better!

  6. Our first child was planned, our second wasn't...and let me tell you...if you don't plan, what COULD happen is you end up having two babies less than a year apart in age like I did, lol! But as you said, it is the biggest blessing. And I couldn't imagine things any other way.


  7. AHH i love babies, he is sooo cute. Nate & I didn't plan Autumn, she just happened! We were already in a place where we knew we wanted to have babies in the next couple years, but she was completely unplanned. I actually think we both became like SUPER fertile & healthy during that time, because we quit smoking together about 3 weeks before we conceived, haha. Best decision we've ever made, both for our bodies & for the new little life we created. Obviously we were nervous when we first found out, but everything completely fell into place for us.

  8. beautiful baby!! my first baby was not planned. i got pregnant with him after only knowing my partner for two months. my second baby was planned, though. we started right before baby #1's 2nd birthday and got pregnant like, right then. if i have another it will probably be next year around this time that i try again. there is no wrong or right time to have a baby if you are ready to have one. you and your husband will make beautiful babies!

  9. Oh Lord, you are going to have the. cutest. babies.
    I love Travis's sweet face :)

  10. with our first child my husband & i discussed the possibility of kids & like, 2 seconds later we were pregnant. with our second it took us over 3 years to get pregnant - lots of trying, drs appointments, & settling on the fact that we might only wind up with one child. the moment we gave up was when i got pregnant.
    so, while you would like to plan for the perfect time to have a baby, they really do come on their own time-clock. the best is to start "trying" when you are ready & then everything else after just go with the flow.
    good luck with it all. i'm sure you & james will be great parents when the time is right for you.


  11. There's something so sweet about a newborn baby. Two of mine were completely planned. One was a semi-surprise. We were planning on trying that summer--and I got pregnant that spring.

    A friend of mine once said of her unplanned pregnancy, "It's unexpected, but not unwelcome." I like that. :)

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  12. Omg he is one the of most beautiful baby boys I have ever seen. So precious! I love his little kissy face!

  13. So sweet! What a cutie and I teared up reading your little note to baby Travis. He is blessed to have such a beautiful family ♥

  14. Aww Laura, he is so gorgeous! What a sweet little nugget :)

  15. Gorgeous boy. Well captured too! xo

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  16. He is precious! I just gave birth to my 1st baby in September. A little girl named Mazie. She was planned, but nothing really can prepare you for a baby. When you and James bring a baby in this world, he or she will be your LIFE. It's AMAZING! You will enjoy every second.

  17. I had my first kid at 19, it wasn't planned and I'm so happy he's here with me. I had my daughter at 22, she was planned. I got pregnent recently, it was a complete surprise, I was so happy but then I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. :(

    Life is full of surprise, try to plan everything only makes things more stressful.


  18. He's absolutely gorgeous Laura, congratulations :)

  19. He is beautiful - congratulations! :)

    My first pregnancy was completely unplanned. I went to India to get married to my husband and found out I was pregnant a week after the wedding - I shall never trust Indian contraceptives ever again! ;)

    I'm due with my second in February and this little one was planned. We couldn't be happier.

    I have to say that a baby is something you can only plan for up to a point. I don't think you can really prepare yourself for how different life becomes but, as you can see with your nephews, it is SO worth it. :)

    Congrats again, he is gorgeous!

  20. Laura,

    I'm so happy for you and James, since he is the dreamiest baby nephew! You both will be awesome aunty and uncle, I'm sure, since your desire and hearts already seem to be in the right place.

    My husband, John, and I are pregnant with our first child. This little bundle of goodness is a complete surprise for us. And to keep the surprise going, we're not finding out the gender either! I'm over halfway there, and sometimes feel "unprepared" to be a parent, but really, when are we ever? Thankfully, we have around a good nineish months to prepare, and it's not like you have a baby and it pops out in two weeks. We've been doing a lot of praying and planning, and even adjusted our plans to buy our 5th wheel home, that we may accomodate our baby more.

    In the end, whether your baby is planned or not, you'll be ready. You'll find ways to make yourself more ready, and you'll look so forward, as a mother, to bringing your baby into the world. That is my experience at least...coming from someone who wasn't "planning" on having a baby for another six years. But now I feel more ready than ever and am so excited.

    There's nothing life can give that is happier than the joyful surprises a new baby can bring.


  21. Little ones always bring so much needed joy and bonding to a family. That one in particular has such big, curious eyes... kind of makes you remember how exciting and breathtaking the world is. Man, I sound like a sap! Ha!

    Kara of Fancy That Vintage

  22. what a beautiful baby!! For me personally, I have never tried to get pregnant. I dont feel that is right for me. Babies/ children are so life changing. Im not sure i could knowingly make the decision to have them. If they come, that is wonderful. If not, I am happy with the ones I have!

  23. Oh my, this child is amazing. I totally get why you've got the baby bug :) I had my little boy Frank last year after trying for 6 months. The timing was perfect and we feel so blessed to have him, even though things have been a bit pair shaped for mama since his arrival. I wouldn't change a thing, and if I have to go through what has happened, to have him in my life, I'd do it a million times over. All the best for your 'baby planning' ;)
    toni xo

  24. Both of my girls were accidents. The best oooooops ever. ;)

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