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For those of you who do not know, my awesome husband works at HEB (a texas grocery store).  Funny enough, he works in produce, but he hates veggies.  For the past several months they have been rebuilding his store into a huge super store.  It just opened up a few days ago, and I get to go see it today for the first time.  Im much more excited about this then he is.  The last thing he wants to do after working there all day, is turn around and go back to grocery shop.  But Im thrilled to see the new place he is working at, and see all the new stuff they have to offer.  They will now have a big organic bulk section, a juice bar, fresh cut fruit bar, plus many other things Im not too interested in, like tvs and clothes and such.  It will be a big step up from what it was before.  

The last week or so, Ive been eating awful.  Ive been super lazy about putting things together.  Since today is monday, and Im starting my day off with some yoga, (and later going to the grocery store), I thought Id inspire myself with some food!  I tend to take alot of photos of my food and then always forget to share.  So these are just a few that looked yummy.  Maybe not all the most healthy, but healthier, yes!  Aunt Lisa, if you are reading this, maybe some of these will be inspiring to you :) 

{tomato soup - basil pesto pasta with fresh tomatoes - grilled cheese and basil panini}

{hummus + asiago cheese - wheat crackers - grape leaf wrapped rice - watermelon - honeydew}

{avacado - roasted red bell pepper - corn - lemon + salt + pepper}

{green shake - oj + spinach + dandelion + frozen fruit - liquid vitamins + mango juice}

{fried egg + avacado + spinach + hummus + toast}

{spinach + cucumber + tomatoes + almonds + dried cherries + pine nuts}

{yogurt + blueberries + granola}

{split green pea soup - cheese - wheat crackers}

{hummus - crackers - cheese - grape leaf wrapped rice - carrots - brocolini}

{bananas + oatmeal}

{turkey burger}

{sauted broccoli + red bell pepper + zuchinni + mushroom + feta cheese in vinagrette}

{couscous + cherry tomatoes}

I am now fully inspired to go grocery shopping!  I will defeat my urge to buy a bunch of yummy sweet stuff!  The greatest thing about each new day is that you get to start fresh.



  1. Lovely photographs. I need to remember to get my camera out more.

  2. Now that's my kind of food! I'm going to try my hand at pumpkin hummus today.

  3. Yum! Great photo's of your meals. They look so yummy :)

  4. love all of these, def need to get some more avocado in my life! this post reminded me how much i love it!

  5. All of this food looks so wonderful! That avocado salad looks yummy, you should share food pics more often!


  6. These photos are so inspiring! I had to share them with my hubby. Makes me want to just cook healthy and enjoy the grocery store outings! Thanks for sharing!


  7. you are so right! these photos have inspired me {and caused me to drool a little}. a great way to sneak the good stuff onto the boys plate as well. yum!


  8. Holy. YUMMY. Gosh this all looks so good.

  9. now my mouth is watering... yumm. Your stomach is very lucky.

  10. good for you, keeping up with yoga!! It's amazing how an hour a week can start shifting your whole mindset. Your photos look absolutely delicious! I find it helps me to eat healthier when I take the time to make things look prettier (using pretty plates, arranging them well, using lots of "colors!"... You've inspired me today too!!

  11. oh my gooooosh everything looks SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

    xo Moorea

  12. Your food just looks sooo delicious! getting major food envy over here. Avocados and spinach are two of my favorites, like they also seem to be two of yours!! So versatile...

  13. I'll definitely have to try some of these things out! Thanks for the post!

  14. holy mother! stop that! drooling.

  15. que hermosas fotos!!mi alimentacion es totalmente vegetariana,pero a menudo no elaboro tan bellos latos como los de tus fotos:)amor y paz en tu vida!!ahh 2 veces a la semana practico ashtanga vinyasa yoga,te lo recomiendo!!

  16. You and your blog are absolutely beautiful! Not that you haven't heard it before, but my goodness, what a gift and talent you are! Happy to find you!

  17. laura, are these all things you made personally? my fave is the tomato soup with the pasta salad, & grilled cheese. i live in texas. we went to HEB grocery store during Austin City Limits music festival. we don't have a HEB in the DFW area, where i live.

  18. thanks everyone! yes, this is all food i made for myself, usually lunches while my hubby is at work.

  19. It looks so delicious i can't wait to eat those foods . I love eating if i can eat those foods everyday maybe i will look so full of fat now.

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