Black Friday Sale >>>

I am definitely not one to participate in the madness of Black Friday at the mall and stores.  I plan on doing it from the comfort of my home, in my pjs, with a cup of joe in hand.  So for those of you who are with me on this one, Im offering my own little black friday sale in my etsy shops Violet Bella and Roots and Feathers.  Just enter the code above at checkout to receive the discount.  

Im making it a priority again this year to buy as much handmade for gifts as I can.  Not all of my gifts will be handmade, but when I can I will.  Im so excited to be supporting some of my favorite artists this year and spreading the love I have for them with friends and family!  Along with making some of my own gifts.  Who is in with me?  What artists are you most excited to buy from this year?  Id love to know!




  1. I too am trying to buy as much as possible from handmade/small businesses. Not everything....but a lot. And, there are so many amazing deals in so many handmade shops today. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Last year I bought my gifts from a local Indie craft store. They were a big hit! This year money is really tight so I am making almost all of my gifts.


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