Serentiy, Courage, Wisdom...

The rollercoaster of emotions this week has been intense.  But in the midst of it all, Ive tried to keep capturing some good moments.  James aunt is a part of a quilting group who made me this beautiful prayer quilt.  It was so very sweet and Ive been cuddling with it while I sleep every night. 

I got to see Isabel do her horse therapy.  She loves her horse Daisy, its so precious.  And Xavier got to ride for a bit too.  I cant tell you how much I love these kids (my besties kids)... and the image of the coca cola chair was a complete accident, and I love how it came out!

Shelley also had a bbq this weekend.  Her twin was down from Cali and they had their 10 year high school reunion.  So it was our first real outing this week.  I even wore a dress.  It felt nice to pamper myself a bit. And I got to hold a baby for about 20 minutes which was healing.

And my dad has been throwing rainbows all over my house.  One of the gifts he gave me several years ago was a big beaded crystal that I hang in my window and when the sun hits it, it throws rainbows all over my whole house.  I see how fitting it is now b/c my dad loved bright colors like this.  He was an old hippy who was very much into tie dye colors and psychadelic images, so rainbows are very fitting I think.

And I was passing through my hallway today and looked at a painting I did a long time ago and I understood it all over again.  It says 'the day her world stopped still, she had no words left to dream'.  It is one of my favorite collages Ive made. 

Im praying to feel normal again.  Although I have a feeling its going to be a while before that happens.  I have waves of sadness, anger, peacefulness, blankness, awkwardness and normalness in constant rotation.  I wish I could press a fast forward button, but I suppose that wouldnt be healthy.  I have to face it all, as it comes my way.  There is no running away.  And I will get through this.  One day at a time.

'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.  The courage to change the things I can.  And the wisdom to now the difference.'



  1. beautiful post laura, stay strong :)

  2. beautiful you. you still find beauty, even through sorrow. such an inspiration.

    so much love.

  3. You are such a lovely soul. I dont know you...But I can just tell by the words you write. Stay strong, and yes, you will get through this.

  4. Continuing to send you love. You are strong and amazing. I love all of the healing things you're doing (and the signs your dad is sending you!)


  5. you're being admirably strong, it's a good sign that you're noticing the happy things!

  6. Hi Laura,
    Please know that I have been thinking of you, and your Daddy. Sometimes words are simply not enough, and nature will speak louder everytime. Raise your vibration through your art, and love will never let you down. peace always .Jo

  7. Oh, Laura... I'm just catching up. Sending many, many e-hugs and prayers your way, dear. <3

  8. Beautiful. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

  9. Woehoew i'm follower nr 1000!! :D
    What a beautifull blog!
    I'm just new to it, but i already love it a lot!
    I like the way you use your colours!
    Thumbs up! ;)

  10. Thinking of you Laura.
    You are stronger than you know! I will continue to send healing prayers your way and into this vast universe, know that it will correct itself as we know.....one day at a time.

    Much Love my dear♥


  11. Hello sweet Laura, what a sweet quilt they made for you! It's beautiful and so is the collage you made some time ago. I have you in my thoughts.

    Take care,


  12. I think you are exactly where you should be at any given moment in any emotion you feel. Just go with it. There are no rules and it sounds like (even though it might not always feel like it) that you've got your head and heart in the right place. Just keep your eyes on those rainbows. Sending you much love and healing energy.


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