Days gone by...

For the most part, this week has been a low down week.  Ive been back and forth between working and major procrastination each day.  I did manage to get some happy shots with my phone throughout the week though.  Including little Nico, our lovebird.  One of my readers asked to see him since posting about my new little bottles with his feathers in them, so here he is!  He is our music box throughout the day.  He is rather cute and funny, and loves to have makeout sessions with his mirror. 

James made me yummy coffee while I was working.  He gets so cute when he comes up with a new way to make his lattes.  I think its funny b/c I used to work at a coffee shop, but he makes the most amazing coffees in this house.  I dont even touch the espresso machine anymore, I leave it up to him.  I love how he gets so excited about it. 

Still giving Violet lots of smooches.  I keep trying to capture her dance she does after going to the bathroom outside, it is so hilarious.  I think the last few days she has been a bit down herself.  She has been sleeping alot more and going to the bathroom alot less.  Im keeping my eye on her all day long though.  I can only imagine what is going on inside her little body is very uncomfortable.

On our way to run errands the other day.  I love wearing my skyline fever butterfly top, its just one of my favorites.  I wish we could afford to buy a bunch of new stuff for his shop.  One day... He has the cutest new design, which you can see a slight peek of on his shirt below, cant wait to release it. 

We went to one of Jame's co-workers houses for a bbq the other day.  It was a nice time and Im glad we went.  The sky was amazing on the way home, and I was equally impressed that my little phone camera captured it so wonderfully!

My new favorite thing to eat right now is roasted corn, red bell peppers and avocado salad.  I took some better photos the other day that Ill share later with the recipe.   Such a yummy combo!

And the perfect remedy for not feeling well the other day was a date with myself, the couch, a cookie and John Cusack.  Perfect.  I just adore the little french girl in this flick. 



  1. Your outfit is so cute. I love those shoes. :)

  2. beautiful pictures, photo cam comes in SO handy:) sorry youve had an off wk, those wks only make the good ones even better! i hope things get better for you soon!! xoxoxo

  3. mmmm he could make me a latte anyday... haha. i miss my coffee shop days...

    this was lovely as always, laura...

  4. Oh... I love Monique in that film. That is one of my favorite movies from my high school days. His camero is my dream car! And I love when they give Monique a picture of Ricky for christmas. Oh my...yep I love this movie if you can't tell.

  5. Very cute top and that salad sounds yummy!

    It just occurred to me that I still haven't seen Better Off Dead all the way through. This must change.

  6. Dearest Laura, I just made the connection that I read your blog and just bought an necklace of yours yesterday on Etsy! The connection being that you are one and the same and I never realised! Hope you are smiling today! Love T

  7. Love these pictures! You're lovely and I love your beastie. :)

  8. little nico is so pretty. thanks for sharing photos. :)

    the butterfly shirt looks great on you. can't wait to see some of the new designs.

  9. Amazing photos!! that one of the sun rays is spectacular!

  10. As I scrolled down and saw the movie "Better Off Dead" I jumped with joy! I love this movie! Not very many people have seen it! So funny! Thanks for makin' my day!


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