New Roots and Feathers jewels...

There is a slew of new work in my Roots and Feathers shop, and still more to come, hopefully tomorrow.  Im in love with this last batch.  I decided to group them into categories to showcase them on here.  Although most of the dreamcatcher/mobiles are from the past few weeks, I dont think I ever really featured them on the blog.  Im quite in love with each one, and the fact that each one is one of a kind. 

There are lots of new bottled feather necklaces, and more to come.

I pretty much want to keep each of these earrings below..

and some of my favorite necklaces so far.  this line has really just blossomed from within.  i feel so at home with it.

Tomorrow I will be featured on one of my favorite blogs, and I cant wait to share!  Today was mostly just work, although I did squeeze in about half an hour of hooping/dancing to my asian roots music cd.  The best workout b/c it is so fun!  Ive actually sort of given up my real workout all together, its been over 3 months since Ive even touched my workout dvd.  eeek.  Its an ebb and flow kind of thing with me.  

James and I are being wild tonite and staying up past midnight since he doesnt work tomorrow.  He even made lattes at 9 pm.  



  1. ooh, i love the arrow necklace with the orange bead & the owl one also. everything is so great! love it.


  2. I just love your new shop! Your pieces are all so beautiful. Mmmm lattes at 9 pm sound so good and relaxing :)

  3. Those dreamcatcher mobiles are gorgeous!

  4. love love love all of these new pieces! i wish i could have them every one of them :)

  5. Feather bottle necklace!! Love!

  6. Wow alll of these are so beautiful. I am in love with the earrings and dream catchers!

    Gorgeous work!



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