New bottled up pretties...

Im about to be listing some new pretties in my Roots and Feathers shop.  These are sneak peaks of the finished versions.  I thought they looked so pretty together before adding the rest of the necklace parts.  I added a few new things the other day too.  Its looking mighty nice in the shop!

I had to take miss Violet up to the vet today to spend two nights to do her second part of her treatment.  It was sad dropping her off and we miss her already.  But she is in good hands.  Today has been full of getting things done.  I organized all of my paper work from the last 6 months.  Yep, that's how far behind I was!  Got my desk all cleaned off.  Worked on orders and photographed a bunch of new jewelry.  Now time to edit and list!  I also made a list minute decision to join a super amazing group of girls who are selling their wares at a local shop in New Braunsfels.  You can read Shauna from PPP's post all about it here.  Im so excited to be among them, and now I have my work cut out for me, oh my!  I have just two weeks to get a whole collection made for the shop!



  1. oh i can't wait till they go up! they are so cute i just might need to buy one to go with my arrow earrings :D thinking of violet and sending happy vibes her way


  2. Im so glad you decided to join up.
    Im updating my blog right now. weeee

  3. So pretty!!! You're a busy lady today! You go girl! xoxo

  4. Major props for getting your things together so quickly! So admirable!

  5. so pretty! i can't wait to have the funds to buy something new :)

    sending violet health & good wishes!


  6. *dies*
    honey, these are magnificent.

    so sorry you are without your baby...sweet dreams to her. <3

  7. Sounds like a busy day, so sorry you are missing little beastie. Hope she comes home soon! Love the bottled pretties, btw.


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