After the rain...

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you have left me sweet comments, sent me emails, etc... about my daddy.  I truly appreciate all of your words, thoughts, prayers and sorrows.  And thank you for those of you who shared your similar experiences, it helps to know I am not alone.  The experience I had yesterday that I shared in my last post has been carrying me through.  Yesterday we also went to get away and see some friends who live far in the country where we get no cell phone reception.  It was nice just to get away from it all for a while.  Even though I still couldnt stop thinking about it, it allowed me to not have to do anything or talk to anyone.  It can be quite exhausting talking to so many people over and over about what happened.  I think I could take a month away from it all.  But, that is not life, life goes on...  

I wore my daddy's shirt yesterday.  He has had this shirt since he was my age.  And the guy from this band happened to be one of the last musicians we saw together when we went to the folk festival last month.  My dad loved music so much.  Truly one of his biggest passions.  Im so glad I went to that show with him b/c I almost didnt. 
The sky on the way there was magnificent.  Big huge puffy white clouds.  The earth is so happy right now with the rain we got yesterday.  The birds are just out singing this morning.  

Today I am planning on getting some things done.  After all of the traffic in our house this past week, its pretty dirty.  Im going 'put my head down and my butt up' (as my nanna would say) and deep clean.  And also try to get a few work things done.  Things that are still lingering from last week.  I think it will be good for me to just get busy and do things.  And it always makes me feel good to have a clean house.  Here's to a fighting chance of normalcy today!



  1. Glad you are finding the support you need in this difficult time...my thoughts are with you! And good luck!

  2. You are seriously so amazing. I hope that doesn't seem creepy, but I really look up to you. Good luck. You are so so beautiful. xoxo

  3. You can do this, sweetheart. You are such an inspiration. Don't force yourself to do too much, okay? Listen to your body and your heart.

    Much love. XO.

  4. A clean house always makes me happy too, one less thing to worry about. I'm sorry to hear about what happened but I am so proud how you've chosen to work through it. You are an example of someone who is so strong willed and always keeps a positive attitude even when faced with the most difficult situation anyone can ever face. a loss. Its truly inspirational.

  5. You've definitely been in my thoughts quite often the past few days. Even though we only know each other online, please let me know if there's anything I can do...even if you just need a friendly listener on the line. Take care and may you find peace. Hugs.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!