A Beautiful Custom Patchwork Folk Top

I wanted to post this shirt to show everyone that I do make these tops (and almost anything else in my shop) in larger sizes.  They are not always in the shop, but always up for customs.  This was a custom order shirt for a girl who wears x-large clothing.  She will be able to wear this by itself or layered over a thermal.  For a shirt like this, its almost best to get one custom made.  As for things in my shop like teddy bears, its all depends on what I find to work with when Im out scouting around.  And again, customs are always available, and you can always send me your own shirt or remnant to work with.  I dont want anyone to think that I only make size small clothing.  Never the case, just ask :)

*there are a few new pillowcase tops in the shop*
(and yes, the nature of these tops being from pillowcases how I designed them, they run usually in small/medium)



  1. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous. Really.

  2. So whimsically beautiful! Love it <3
    PS: I tagged you in Stylish Blogger Award, you can collect it here if you want:
    Love, Andrea

  3. its good that you said this... i get questions all the time about larges...and i like you... just cant make things in large all the time... but can do customs! i love this one you pictured... its beautiful.

  4. So beautiful, I want one of these too!

  5. I am so in love with everything in your shop, but your folk tops and pillowcase tops are my absolute favorites! I love them!!!

  6. hmmmm...these are just adorable...I wear a large/xlarge so I know how hard that can be...
    I can't wait to pick up my teddy t - we have sooo much snow here that my mail man will not deliver, so I need to go to the post office tomorrow and pick up my pkgs...I have one from you and one from PPP...these are my xmas gifts to myself so I am super stoked, can't wait!!! I know they will be awesome, as is everything on your site!

    Thanks for being you and sharing...

  7. Thats what i call talent

  8. thats awesome!! and yeah for bigger sizes!!!

  9. woooohoooo!! is beautiful!!! i like it so much!!
    kisses!! happy day!! love your talent!!!

  10. Yes, that is gorgeous. Bummer on the pillowcase top sizes but I guess that makes sense. I'll have to get with you when I have some income tax money. Sometimes even larges don't work for me because I'm a pear shape (small busted but very curvy in waist and hips).

    Do customs cost more though? That is what I would imagine anyway and the pillowcase tops are more in my price range than these lovely folk tops;)

  11. Oh I simply love this!!!

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    Link: http://ladaisi.blogspot.com/2011/02/etsy-giveaway.html

  12. the great thing about the folk tops is that they are pretty much free size on the bottom area, very open. the pillowcases are not, b/c they are not stretchy. ive made custom larger ones by adding panels, just cost a little bit more, not much. just enough to accomodate for the extra time and fabric used. im always open to making them!

    thank you everyone for all of your sweet comments on these tops. they are my babies.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!