Chaos is one word for it...

So, I have consecutively missed 3 Top Five Fridays and 2 Makes My Heart Sing posts!  Wow.  Things have been super super busy over here the past two weeks.  Im ready to get back to normal.  But it may be a while, so just bare with me!  I have not forgotten about sharing those posts!

*I took this photo a while back for a diptych project titled Chaos, and I thought it was appropriate for this post, ha ha*

Gosh its been a while since Ive done creative self portraits.  Maybe Ill post some of my past favorites on here for you guys...

Progress report on house is that I am waiting for my taxes to be done, then on to the next step!

Im still having a $10 necklace sale to facebook followers only!  Add me if youde like to be in on it!

I could use some really good vibes today to help me get through a sticky situation.  xo.



  1. Beautiful photo! I believe that you can get through anything...you seem like a pretty strong woman...use that strength, take control and push through that sticky situation! Take care Laura and have a lovely weekend!

  2. thank you meg. you are always such a wonderful support!

  3. Chin up sweet-pea. Out is through, and you will get there. I always appreciate your 'realness' so it is totally cool to not post regular bits- we all love you anyway x

  4. Great picture!
    Just take a big deep breath and scream as loud as you can to let it all out!
    Might want to do that in your pillow to scare no one though

  5. Hola!
    I reign from Australia.............. and get little inklings of depression every time I visit your blog (daily) because you are just soo super talented and amazing and thoughtful and creative and crazy. You make me wanna pick up my creative game and in fact it is the influence of your stuff on here that has pushed me to keep venturing on doing the things I love :)
    You are a joy to follow on blogland.
    Much love,

  6. thank you everyone!

    annette, that is seriously the sweetest comment! i love the photos on your blog. no place to comment there, so i hope you get this here. thank you so much for your words. i can only hope to inspire someone else, so this makes my heart very very happy! xo.

  7. :)
    Thank you so much!!!!
    I hacked away at the html in my photo journal blog and now comments are possible, it was very confusing but finally they work! I never thought anyone would ever want to comment on there so I took them out initially :)
    Today I'm hunting around my room for old tops to make into something beautiful and new like what you've done with your bear shirts! I'm thinking of making a big Golden Gaytime with a bite taken out of it :) I hope you have them in the States..
    You are amazing, thank for absolutely everything you do, it really lightens up my every day seeing what you're up to!

  8. annette, ive never heard of a golden gaytime?????? xoxo.

  9. Stunning photo! Cant wait to get my necklace in the mail and wear it with pride!

  10. Nooooo!!! They are the most delicious icecream in the world!!!! When you come to Australia I'll personally have one waiting for you at the airport.
    I look forward to sharing my joy with you.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!