The Home Journey: Part 1

Ive decided to share the journey with everyone about our search for the perfect home.  I wasnt sure if I was going to, but there are several people in our lives who would like to know all the little details, so here it begins...

Yesterday, as you know, we had our first appointment to look at a house.  It was a house 3 houses down from ours now.  We liked the idea of it b/c we feel comfortable on our street, its been good to us.  So we thought it was worth checking out.  Plus my bestie's uncle built back in '83 and its right next to her mom!  But there were just a few things about it that didnt make us just jump up and down.  We loved the back yard, but it was a bit too open for our taste... I have a funny thing about people in houses next to me... I like to feel more closed in, I guess its more liberating for me.  And the other thing was the extra bedrooms were to tucked away in the back of the house.  I want a bit more of an open or free flowing floorplan.  So, as the house was beautiful, it just wasnt for us.

Earlier that morning I had been looking at that house online and randomly stumbled upon another one.  It is 15 minutes out of Bandera, in a subdivision, but one that is more country feeling.  James and I had already stalked this subdivision a few times, but I missed this house.  As soon as I saw the photos online, I had to call James at work and tell him I had found yet another house to look at.  This has happened so many times now that its almost numbing.  Like, you can look at it, but something will be wrong, or too much, etc etc.  So, when we got back in the car with the realtor, I asked her if she could show any house and she said yes!  And she got on the phone, and one hour later we had an appointment to look at that house i saw online!

My daddy came with us, which means so much to me.  I know my mom would be hand in hand with me during this whole thing if she was here.  So, we killed an hour at the wine bar with my dad and the realtor (who is our friend)... Then we went to see the house...

Now this may seem very pre-mature and I could be totally wrong in the grand scheme of things, but I think we found our home!  There is not one thing that either James and I can find wrong with it.  Ive never seen James so excited about a house.  He is usually sooooo pre-cautious about everything we look at.  But we both instantly felt at home.  And the people that lived there before built a backyard fence just for a dog!  And it has the perfect window bench for bella.  We thought of everything!  So, last night its all we could think about together.  James kept saying, we could put this in that corner, and do this to that room.  It was so cute.  This is the first time we have been on the same page in 100% agreeance.  

And just the night before I prayed that wherever we are suppose to be, it would just feel like home, feel right.  And our hearts would open to it.  And it did!

So..... now we have tons of work ahead of us, b/c we are unprepared.  This was all a huge jump we took.  So monday we will be making appointments to get my taxes done asap, to talk to a financial advisor and loan appraiser, etc....  And we may very well be in for disappointment.  Im trying hard not to get too overwhelmed with excitement, b/c we may just not be ready.  The numbers will tell us.  So now I must be patient and trust in God to put us where we need to be.

In this home, we would be 10 minutes from James parents house, and 25 minutes from San Antonio, which are both wonderful things.  We would be farther from my daddy and my friends in town, but I dont think 15 minutes should tear us apart :)

Keep us in your prayers.  I am trusting that if it is meant to be, things will fall in place.  And if not, there will be another home.  But for now, I will revel in excitement along with my husband.



  1. I'm so happy that you two found a house you both liked! :D

  2. Wow, that was quick! I wish you two the best of luck in going through the financials!

  3. Best of luck to you in your search. My husband and I are in the exact same place... we have officially dubbed 2011 the year of the house and we are bound and determined to be in our own home by summer! :) I hope it works out for you and your dream home!

  4. How exciting!
    I love change...we are about to really start the searching process too, i'm so excited about finding our new home :)
    Can't wait to follow your journey!
    xo, Jamie

  5. I will be praying! My husband was the project manager for the landscaping on the new Marriott resort there, in San Antonio, and we really fell in love with the whole vibe there. We so thought we were going to move there, and then it didn't happen. Every day, we still hope that we get to be there, someday. I'm so happy for you!

  6. Congrats on your search for a new home! My boyfriend and I immediately fell in love with the condo apartment we're in now. We were worried our credit wouldn't get approved since we're still so young (well at least young in "credit" years) but we got it, so hopefully you will too. I work in real estate, for a law firm. Although the economy is not the greatest right now, we have had deals selling left and right. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  7. Laura that's so exciting! Even if this house isn't the one, starting the process and learning what you need to know is great. Ben and I are in the same position, except the cost of our wedding might keep us from buying a home right now. Good luck to you!!


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