Violet Mae

Before the cuteness of this post, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support over the past two weeks, from the house excitement to thoughts about my mom to encouraging words about my business.  You will never know how much it means to me.  Its times like these that I really feel the community of this blogging world.  It is a very real thing to me.  So, thank you!

Now, on to the cuteness!!!  I post pics of my kitty Bella quite often b/c she is always right next to me, and frankly, always napping, so she is super easy to get good snaps of.  Violet on the other hand is always moving and shaking!  But since it was freezing last week, she spent more time inside then she probably would have liked.  I opened the curtain in the bedroom so she could still see what was going on outside, and she was glued to it!  I mean like a statue, just staring out the window!  It was so funny.  I was all up in her face with the camera and she didnt even blink!!!  I loved every second of it.  She is such a pretty girl.  

I cant really describe how much I love this dog.  I never thought I would have a dog until I found her.  She was a stray living under a shed next to my house.  Someone had obviously dumped her and abused her b/c she was soooo scarred and skiddish.  I sat in my yard every afternoon after work calling to her.  Each day she would get a little more curious.  Until finally she worked up the courage to come all the way over to me.  Once she saw that I was wanting to pet her and love her, she pretty much just rolled over and ate it up.  She was desperately in need of love.  From that moment, I pretty much claimed her.  I talked to my boyfriend at the time and he agreed.  So I started naming names, of course all of the names I had saved up in my head for children... and when I got to Violet, she got all excited, so it stuck!  And now, she is half of my business name!

Okay, so is she not the cutest pup ever???  In these pics, she needed a bath, so her furr is all sorts of crazy, but I think she looks cute like that.  Oh, and she never smells like a dog.  Best smelling dog ever, I actually love to smell her when she comes inside b/c she usually smells like campfire.  And one really weird thing about me, I love to smell her paws.  Just about every night before we go to be we have Violet cuddle time in bed, and I take huge whiffs of her paws!  Kind sounds gross now that I wrote that, but I love it!!!  Now just look at her sweet eyes, her little black mouth, her teddy bear ears (i seriously think she traded her ears with another pup), her crazy hair, her skunk tail, the way she crosses her paws when she sits.... okay, Im a bit obsessed with my dog.

Her middle name Mae comes from the little girl in Totoro, for her sweet adventurous spirit.



  1. What a sweet ,sweet puppy! I am obsessed with my dog as well. I think it's a healthy obsession.


  2. She's so pretty! She reminds me a lot of my dog, Basil. He's almost the same color and they have a lot of the same features. He was a stray from the pound and was very skittish at first, but I instantly knew he was going to be mine. He's so smart and has a whole lot of personality! So I totally understand the attachment. It's like they know they've been rescued.

  3. I love this dog even if she doesn't want anything to do with me. hah

  4. You have a nice dog, but it is
    second place. Our AMBER is #1.
    love u

  5. She's so pretty. I love the close up pic of her nose!

  6. beautiful photos! it helps that your pup is ADORABLE.

  7. She is beautiful...I have two dogs Belle a cocker spaniel and Chanel a yorkie. My husband is always smelling Belle's paws too, he says they smell like popcorn...she's got popcorn feet! they really do! I don't find it gross, it's just pure and simple puppy love! We treat our dogs the same as our children, it's unconditional love...

  8. LOVELOVELOVE :) how cute!!

    * I Love Totoro, that makes her even better!*

  9. Violet is like the female twin of my dog Bow! He is a corgi x spitz, and we got him from our local pound about 3 years ago. He is such a gorgeous dog, just like your lovely Violet. <3

  10. oh geez... I miss my dog rocky.... I know this feeling of desperate love for a dog... and its not every dog you can have this bond with. I love her ... shes so pretty and I love the way she crosses her feet.... awwww.

    thanks for this sweet post!

  11. Violet is so sweet. She looks alot like one of my dogs Daisy Mae, plus they both have flower names and they even share the same middle name! Daisy also crosses her paws like Violet which I just think is the cutest thing. And I love the pic of Violet's fluffy tail. Daisy used to have a tail just like that but she had to have it docked because of a tumor on it. The poor girl was depressed for months afterwards! Anyways, I really enjoyed these pics!

  12. Oh, your dog is ridiculously beautiful!
    I'm dog-biased though...I once lived with 8 pups for a year and would happily do it again!

    May I ask what breed Violet Mae is? :)



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