Kitty Love

The other day I snapped some pretty pretty pictures of my beautiful little Bella kitty.  She is the most photogenic thing I know.  I just had to share...

And speaking of kitties, this little girl also joined our family around christmas time.  Her name is Josie.  She is so petite and friendly.  She loves collecting things, so I let her be the watch kitty of my grandfather's marble collection.  She came from Hybernate.  I think one day, she may need Bella, the bunny, to be friends with.

Cats have always been my favorite animal.  Growing up, there was hardly a photograph of me without a cat in my arms.  I used to do awful things to them, like put my babydoll dresses on them, and put lipstick on their face for blush.  Im sure I made them sing and dance too.  We had one cat, Sugar, that would let me tote her around like a ragdoll.  She didnt care what I did to her.  I loved her.  We had so many cats growing up that I loved.  I brought one home from school one day too.  I found it stuck under the ac unit behind a building, in the rain.  It was tiny.  I took it to the principles office to call my parents and beg them to bring it home.  Then I went to the gym and got a towel, to the cafeteria to get milk, to the science lab to get an eye dropper, and my english teacher for some reason had a heating pad, so I fed it and bundled it up for the day until I could take it home and make it mine forever.  We named him Ratso Rizo after a movie character, and he became our fattest cat ever.  Now I am a one cat girl.  Since I moved out, Bella went with me, and has been with me since.  She hates other cats, so its just her.  And she rules the house!  She is half of Violet Bella, pretty important if you ask me :)

What is your favorite animal?
p.s. I love ending my posts with a question, we can all get to know a little about each other this way...



  1. Cats!
    I have four sweet cats myself.
    I found them on the street and took them home. <3

  2. Oh cats for sure! I have two: Baby Kitty and Spitz. Baby Kitty, yes that is his name, is a huge panther of a thing but with a sqeaky meow. He is 3. Spitz is a 13 year old FAT calico and my very best friend.

  3. I'm scared of cats to be honest, im more of a dog lover. Me and my little bro and his friend found a dog in my back garden once, but i was gutted that we had to give it to the RSPCA (i dont know if you have that in the US, but its the UK's version of the animal shelter). But when I move out of my student house and move into my own place I will get a cute dog, or cat if i get over my phobia!

  4. Oh kitties for sure! I have two little sister's, Emmie and Pearl and I just adore them, they are my children!

  5. I am a cat lover! We have two but I would take in more if I could:) There is nothing like snuggling up on the couch with a kittie on your lap! They are my own personal heating pad! They even greet me at the door when I come home from work and will follow me around until I pick them up! Love!!
    Your little lady is beautiful!


  6. Our cat Max is really photogenic and I love to take pictures of him. The day he adopted us, he was outside in the dark (he's an all black cat) and he started banging on our window, and I thought it was a ghost (because I couldn't see him- he blended right in!) or a burglar. He's been with us ever since.

  7. Lovely photos!
    To be honest, I'm not much of a cat person...and I'm not a dog person either :) I like watching animals from afar, though :D For example, peacock fascinate me.
    Love, Andrea

  8. I never had a cat, but I have had a horse and a dog. The wonderful and poignant thing about an animal you are close to, is that they show unconditional love. My horse Zen, was there to comfort me when my parents divorced, when I had my heart broken, and when cryed so much that I couldn't breath. Animals know your soul, they are so theraputic and mindful of your emotions, and they never answer back or criticise you. x

  9. You have no idea how much I adore your Bella. My kitty Samwise would love her, he's fluffy too :) I have always been a cat girl, always dressed them up, had them with my stuffed animals, made them get married :) I love love kitties still!

  10. I'm a crazy cat lady. ;) I have 10 total! Although some of them are outside kitties. My fave four (admit it, we all have our favorites!) are named Tibet, Camille, Spike and Drusilla! I also have a pet skunk named Marigold who has really grown on me. :)

    Your kitty is so beautiful!


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