Makes My Heart Sing Monday

 This weeks makes my heart sing is inspired by simply beautiful photos...  I think all of the photos would look pretty on a wall together...

1.  i adore this print by Supermalade.

2.  this precious girl found on Boho Market.

3.  such a fun photo by welcome, ghosts...

4.  i just love the colors and prints in the photo.  found here.

5.  this photoshoot is absolutely dreamy.... by Lissy Elle.

6.  this color combo makes me wild with excitement.  found here.

7.  sweet sweet roses... found on pinterest.

8.  whoa momma this makes me miss our tent parties.  if we get our new house, this will definitely become a reality.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(I dont really celebrate v-day at all, but my Nanna informed today after I told her that, that she still has a few things to teach me... ha ha, love you Nanna)



  1. Love the tent! I used to have the most fun making tents when I was little...thanks for reminding me that they aren't just for kids! :)

  2. Gosh I am in love with that tent as well. I need something like this somewhere in my house. gah.

  3. I love the pricess in the forest...and under the moon...

    ...and that fun tent, my 5 yr old would never let me take it down :)

  4. Those images are beautiful and so dreamy, thanks for sharing! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and an even more magical one today!

  5. These are so beautiful <3


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!