New Blog Pages & Buttons

Throughout this whole month Ive been working lots on changing up things here on the blog.  Yesterday 4 new buttons were added!  They all go to their own page!  So click on them on the right hand side of the blog to see!  Im just about to be finishing it all up.  Its been super fun, and a great way to start the new year with a fresh look.

My goal was to make things more clean and organized, easy to find all of the different shops and sites.  Do you think this was successful?  Id love to hear your feedback on the new layout.



  1. The blog looks great! I love the colors you mixed! :)

  2. love the photos, the style & layout. Only thing i can say is that there is a lot going on around your posts themselves (ie. buttons taking you off in a million directions). But everything works together & looks gorgeous.

  3. I love your new buttons - very eye-catching! I added one of your new blog link buttons to my blog, too (replaced the older one I already had on there; for some reason the photo isn't showing up quite yet - maybe it just needs time to "settle" - the link to your blog works, though).


  4. thanks girls! i know there is alot going on... that is why i am trying to break it up into notable sections. does it just look crazy? i do want all of the links there, b/c my blog is sort of my main hub for all of my shops. basically, i use it as my website in a way. so they are super important to be there. and i would love for each of them to be visually interesting enough that you would want to click on them all. maybe it will take some time to get used to...

  5. so pretty, laura! i love the buttons so far. and can't wait to see the rest.

    what a good way to start the new year!!!


  6. Is that a macrame owl? I've recently started experimenting with macrame (my mom had her own business with it when she was my age) and think it would be neat to make creatures!
    Great buttons :)

  7. meri, yes! its a huge vintage one, i found for $2 at a garage sale. im sooooo in love with it!

  8. mandy, i just tested a button and it worked, make sure you copied all of the html. if it still doesnt work, let me know which one you are trying and ill test it!

  9. Love the new look Laura, very neat and clean! The Tweet button is my favorite, such a beautiful tattoo!

  10. Oooh, everything here sure is neat. i love your jar of trinkets gift idea, by the way. Very cute!


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