Makes My Heart Sing Monday

I would be one very happy girl if this teepee was in my backyard.

I love the simple wood slat bookshelves in this house.

This is actually the photo I took to my hairstylist a while back to show her my goal.

 I have always had an obsession with feathers, something I got from my mom.

I just adore this photo.

Love, love, love this artist.  All of the feather collections pull at my heartstrings.

Love this dress, and the subdued colors of the whole photo.
Be back later with some more christmas goodness!



  1. I would also love to have the Teepee down by my pond.. Love love Teepees! :)

  2. There's a place nearby where you can rent a teepee for camp outs. I've been thinking about doing it once it gets warm! :)

  3. i have a friend who has one in her yard and it is amazing. right on a hill by the edge of a creek.

  4. I want a teepee and I want those girls' beautiful hair!!
    Hope you had a good christmas


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