2010 Rewind

So many things happened this year that there is just no way I could post it all, so here are just a few highlights... (in no order)

I had the best year of marriage yet, year number 3.

We took lots of drives and listened to homeade mix cds... And we got a new addition to our family, Oliver from Stitchface!

I joined RVA.  A super exciting adventure!

And my jewelry line was a huge success on Ruche, and it was featured in their spring lookbook!

We had LOTS of tent parties!

I made more cute clothes than I ever thought I would in a lifetime!  And I wore my favorite jumper to my very first Renegade Fair in Austin, where I met the beautiful Elsie & James.

I made my first lookbook with good friends!

I constantly re-decorated my home, like I always do.

And got my craft room organized, which is already chaotic again!

My Nanna got married to the sweetest man alive, and is leaving on a cruise to Australia in the morning!

I had my little helper by my side with every creation made this year!

My little brother Noogs passed away, and will be very much missed forever.

James and I both got more tattoo work done, and I cant wait to go get my 1/2 sleeve finished soon!

We met very dear friends in person, twice, Katelyn and Leena!  And both James and I could just steal this little girl!  See pics of our visits here & here.

A friend made me this book and it inspired me to write again.

I traded a camera with Shauna and got tons of beautiful PPP clothing that I will treasure for a lifetime!  And made a video of one super special dress!

I made TONS of teddy bear shirts, and outfitted the whole Hursh Family!

My husband started his own screenprinting company, Skyline Fever, and I could not be any prouder of him!  AND - we are in TWO brick and mortor shops together, Graceful & Homegrown!

I cant wait to see all the this next year brings.  Possibly maybe even a little mini Mazurek, we are not sure yet :)  Big love to each and every person who has ever supported us in this adventure in any way... it is through all of the love we have received during this journey that keeps it going!



  1. what an eventful year! and so productive! :)

  2. Happy New Year sweet girl. Even better things in store..... right?

  3. What an amazing year Laura! You two would have the cutiest & coolest children in Texas! Take care!!

  4. oh 2010 was indeed great! I bet 2011 would be twice the fun and more blessings to come@

  5. dont tease me.... A little baby mazurek is exactly what 2011 needs! gah! Purdy please!
    Love your year. this one is gonna be even better!

  6. The teddy bear family is the best.

  7. I love when you post pictures of your beautiful home. I'm jealous of your craft area. If I had my stuff out like that, my cats would have a field day! Seriously, what self respecting kitty can resist a ball of yarn, or some pretty ribbons? Lol.


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