Looking Forward

I had a wonderful stay with my Nanna & Sabe, thanks for the wonderful comments!  It is ALWAYS nice to sit by her side.  Even if we are not doing a darn thing.  Just being near her.

And on a completely different but equally exciting note, remember that beautiful dress a few posts back that I am swooning over???  Well last night James said I could get it as part of my xmas gifts from him!!!  Im so excited, my fingers are crossed it will get here by christmas.  I would love to wear it to my nanna's house that day!

And now is the time to start taking stock of the year that has just flown by.  I invited my hubby last night to a coffee date so we can sit down in a place away from home (which is work for me), with a nice cup of coffee, and a pen and notebook, and daydream our time away about both of our businesses.  Im going to attempt to show him that creating goals and making lists really does help and work to keep your eye on a target and your motivation up when you are lacking it.  And making lists, big goal oriented ones and tiny daily ones really help keep you organized with it all.  Sometimes the hardest part is remembering to look at your lists, ha ha!

I keep daily paper lists on my desk right in front of me for small immediate goals, and a dry erase board in my area for larger projects that are ongoing or I know will take more than a day to complete.  There is always a sense of accomplishment when you can cross something off of that list!

I get asked alot how I manage to get done all that I get done with the jewelry, clothing and photography.  This is one little way I can help myself with it all.  But please remember if you have been wondering that yourself, this is my FULL TIME job.  I quit my waitressing job to pursue this and it was a HUGE leap of a dream.  But with steady determination it can be done.  One day at a time.  As with anything if you stick with it long enough, exercising, eating healthy, drawing, quitting a bad habit, hooping, even loving.  Anything done slowly with good intentions and full of heart will work if you work it.  For those of you who dont know there is a AA slogan that says, 'It works if you work it, and it wont if you dont'. I think this applies to soooooo many things in life.
Wow, this post just turned into something totally different then when I started, part of why I love blogging!  Hope this helps someone out there.



  1. I totally just thought the AA slogan was "Let go and let god." ha! Shows how much I know. I love this post and now I have to dig to find this dress you are talking about because it's slipped my memory. Love you.

  2. I completely agree with this mind frame. Big goals throughout the year and small daily/weekly goals to keep everything on track. It also keeps things real and adjustable, rearranging and re-prioritizing which is so important on a small business level!
    I'm so proud of how far you've come this year, it's been a joy watching from Florida :) I look forward to following along this next year and I know great things will come for you and James! You're such a great inspiration.
    <3 <3 you!

  3. Its almost as if we were thinking the exact same thing!!! Made myself a list of goals as well yesterday!!!! <3!

  4. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your grandmother. Everyday I wish my grandmother was still here.

    And wow, it's very inspiring to hear that you quit your waitressing job to take a risk and do what you love. That takes tons of guts! I've always wanted to do that, but NEVER got the courage to. Luckily, they laid me off so I guess things happen for the better.

    Anyway, hope you get that pretty dress in time for Christmas.

    Have fun,


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