Little things that make me happy

James keeps telling me that I need to get my own phone because I keep stealing his to take random photos.  I love it because I hate to carry around my camera in a grocery store or places like that, so I can still capture fun little things without lugging it around.  Like bits from our trip to Whole Foods!  This makes me happy!

I am completely in love with this Skyline Fever owl shirt that I snagged!



  1. you don't have a phone!? Wow! Good for you though! Fight it as long as you can!

  2. You are so adorable..and those pics are TDF..sooo sweet..

  3. I stumbled across your blog--I don't remember through whom. I just wanted to say i'm completly charmed by you. You have great taste. I love your etsy shop and also the Skyline Fever apparel. I will be ordering some good shortly. Anyway, happy to cyber-meet you.

  4. Husband and I share a phone as well. Why pay double? It's only a problem when I want to call him but I can't cuz he has the phone and I don't have one near me.

  5. Love these! I got my shirt today, LOVE IT! Thanks so much!!

  6. Isabel & Nena, I said that wrong! I do have a phone!!! Just not one that takes cute photos, on old school one :) Ha ha, I should have been clearer. But I hardly answer it, so I might as well not have a phone!

    Crystal, thank you so much, that is so sweet, and welcome! James will be super excited to hear that!

    Meg, Im glad you love it! yay!

    Thank you everyone!

  7. Seriously great pics from a phone! Talented photographer too!


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