Cold Weather Days

Lately the weather here has been chilly and drizzly.  A bit dreary but beautiful.  I love when the sky is overcast.  But I love bundling up in layers of clothes when we go out!  And I love sipping hot chocolate.  Almost makes me wish I owned a Snuggie, ha ha... just kidding!

Im spending another two days with my Nanna again in celebration of her birthday!  Unfortunately James has to stay home and hold down the fort and work.  So, my shop is closed until Friday.

What is your favorite things to do when its cold outside?



  1. Snuggle with my pups, knit/crochet, and watch the tele. all at once. I'm such a multitasker.

  2. Hot chocolate & coziness, I love it :)
    Oh & I got my Skyline Fever tank top, I looove it so very much! :)
    Wearing it in my latest post!
    xoxo, Jamie

  3. I love your cute little hat, girl. My fav thing to do is catch up on movies and do some little project/craft that I've been holding off.

  4. You two are just too cute! Love it! Have fun visiting your Nana! It's been drizzley here the last couple days, I just curl up on the couch with my husband and kids and watch movies!


  5. i drink lots of hot coffee and wear 12 layers of clothes!

  6. haha, doesn't look too cold on your pictures, tho. but then, where i am is 55 to 60°F. and 20 cm of snow on the ground.
    i just stay in bed as much as i can :)

  7. ha ha, its not that cold really! but i guess when you are used to hot weather it is. today actually got quite warm out once the sun decided to make an appearance!

  8. I love snuggling up under my heated blanket while knitting and watching a movie!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!