I am so excited to share that James and I are now in two stores together! A new local shop called Graceful just had their Grand Opening last night, and I am honestly hands down in LOVE. I am so honored that both me and my husband get to carry our goods in this store. It reminds me so much of my mother, its almost a painful beauty.

I snapped a photo of James standing in front of his shirts on the rack, they looked so cute!!!! It was such a cool thing to walk into the room and see his owl shirt first thing! I cant even imagine how excited he felt. I remember that feeling the first time I saw my work all displayed in a real store!

His birdie shirt was lovingly displayed on the mannequin in the front room, and I must say it looks so stunning with a little vest! I am so impressed with all of the display and decorating in the store, it makes my heart peaceful and joyful.

My jewelry is all displayed on a gorgeous little desk when you first walk in, and it has a huge mirror hanging above, sooooo very lovely. Here are a few shots of the way they displayed it all...
PhotobucketThe rest of the store is just candy for your eyes, if you are a lover of old and rustic things, which I am. They served mimosas which we super yummy. Just take a look at the beauty here...
PhotobucketI am truly inspired by this store, unlike I have been before. It feels like it brings me home to my roots, to my mother, to a calming place.



  1. Aw that's adorable! I'm so happy for you both! The shop looks amazing! It must be so exiting! :)
    Happy Weekend to you! xx

  2. You guys' stuff looks so cool in that shop! :)

    Honestly you inspire me to want to be as successful as you, I love what you do! :D

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope all goes well :D

  3. Love the pictures! I wish there were stores around these mountains like that! :)
    Wicked cute that you both sell your amazing items together in the same places!

  4. How exciting for you both! That shop looks lovely, too bad it's so far away! I sent you/James another convo about the shirt, I hope you got it!! Have a great weekend!

  5. It looks beautiful, and such a good fit for your stuff-- sincere congratulations :)

  6. In bandera? realllllly? Immmmmmm so in love. Love love love love xo. Congrats to you both. x

  7. Sooo beautiful!!! How exciting! Congratulations! You two are livin the dream :) <3

    xoxo Rachael Rose

  8. wow, everything looks so cute and gorgeous. I love your photos so much!

  9. Congrats to the both of you! That store looks amazing!! I hope to visit it on our next trip to Texas.


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