Craft Space Makeover

Since I am in such a change/organization mood, yesterday I also re-vamped my jewelry creating space.  I wish I would have taken a before photo, b/c its hard to tell how much better it really is.  This space is literally about 4' x 6' big.  The desk sits behind our couch in the living room and there is just enough room to squeeze behind it and sit in the chair.  And I have ALOT of beads and such, so it is quite hard to keep it clean and orderly.  So making this space fresh always makes me feel really good.  I have 3 big orders I will working on over the next few weeks, so this is very inspiring!

If I had more room to play with it would be totally different.  I cant wait to have enough space to spread all of this stuff out!  I love organizing my beads in old rusty cupcake tins and old jars.  The jars of buttons are a mixture of my moms collections, ones I have gotten from aunts and even friends from online (Jamie, thank you).  I love collecting old buttons.  The big box of antique pearl buttons were my mothers.  They are more for keep, I use one every now and then if a project calls for something special.  Im very selective when I use these ones.

Im excited to have made room to put up a little photo or two of my mom to look at while I create.  It warms my heart.  And there is even room for my coffee cup and chapstick, if that tells you anything of how crowded it was before!

Today we are going to have a mini date in Boerne and walk around to see their christmas craft fair.  My friend Nikki will be there selling her adorable baby leg warmers, Im excited! 

I added two new poems to Roots & Feathers.  They were actually written several weeks ago.  Funny how emotions change, one of them, I dont even feel that way anymore.  I love how poetry can capture just one little glimpse of a life.  And then the world turns and things change.  That is the nature of it.



  1. love your jars of buttons ... i want them for my home! I just attacked my kitchen (& when i say attacked i mean attacked) & feeling so much better! Just needs a good clean & some finishing touches & it will be almost there! Enjoy what's left of your weekend chica. xx

  2. makes me feel a bit motivated to do mine now :)



  3. I love those moods, haha - yours had an awesome outcome! :) xo

  4. It looks lovely! A very cozy sweet place to create in :) x

  5. laura, i want to see your ATTACKED kitchen, ha ha!

    zoe, i hope so! it will make you feel so much better!

    tegan, thanks!

    beth, thank you, it is! when its clean, well see how long that lasts :)

  6. It looks wonderful, Laura! I'm so in love with your rusty cupcake tins, hehe.
    How was the Christmas craft fair?

  7. Laura,
    Looks like you got a ton of stuff done this weekend! I spent the majority of it in the car. We went to Florida for a birthday party! Very proud of you - keep it up! ☺

  8. jen, it was such a slow show that by the time we got there everyone was already packing up. but we did get to visit with my friend and ran into some old friends, so that was all worth it!

    angela, how far did you have to drive for the party! whoa momma. and thank you :)

  9. is that girl on the wall with the cool eyes a mural? can't tell. but it is beautiful

  10. isabel, that is a painting i did :)

  11. I'm just not sure how much more organized you could be! It looked extremely well organized and work friendly when I saw it a few weeks ago.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with the family, we wish we could be there. (Santa sent you and yours a little something she thought you would like)

    Love, Laura and Karen


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