My Hippie Friend

So lately it seems like my blog has been more about my adorable friend Katelyn then about Violet Bella, ha ha, but deservingly so, here is another little feature on her.

She just did some self portraits for the first time in a while, and I have fallen in love. She dressed up her Violet Bella headband with the sweetest little flowers, jasmine i think... and she got her new etsy find dress in the mail, just for this photoshoot.

I purchased this one below. I am in love with it. Go check out her shop to find more!

And here are some more captures she got while visiting us!

Our family portrait! Too bad we couldnt bring Nico, our little lovebird out to join us, that would have been perfect! Can you see how terrified Bella (the cat) is? Poor girl, she was pissed! You cant really tell, but she is wearing a little red and white mexican dress.
my handsome handsome man. gosh i am one lucky girl to have him as my husband.
down by the river
i adore this shot. this is katelyn's pink holga, which she got some other amazing shots on!
perfect. this is a jumper i made just for myself, something i rarely do. i love it so much.
a photo i actually look tall in, its a miracle! seeing as i am not tall at all!

this is what we usually look like :)
so again, is she not amazing???

Other than that, my life has been swamped with order supplies, and preparing for some big orders... and wishing i was working on other projects, but joyful for the work...




  1. I love all of the photos; the light in your friend's photos and the great photos of you and your man. They are wonderful!

    xo Erin

  2. You are too sweet and adorable. Thank you for all the encouragement you always give me and for the fabulous feature! I can't wait to see you and James again. I am so glad we took that leap to meet in person(s). :)

  3. Erin, thanks, she is great!

    Katelyn, I am so glad we did too. cant wait for our trip to the swamp land, ha ha, jk.

  4. it's amazing having someone, who can take so great pictures of you :)!

  5. those photos are gorgeous! You two look so cute! xo

  6. oh my gosh, you two are so beautiful!!!!!!

  7. You 2 are so damn cute....ya'll made some great pics!

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  9. I love the close up shot of you and James! And poor Bella...that is how my cats look when I try to get a picture of me with them. Ha!
    Love the little dress you made yourself. Isn't it funny that we never think to do that? Make something for ourselves!
    Have a great weekend.
    PS>>>> I have soooo many pieces of yours on my christmas list already:) Never to early to start that list!!

  10. Just discovered your pretty blog! It's darling. And I realized that I added one of your necklaces to my Etsy favs the other day.

    Adding to my Google reader now. :)


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