Fall Wardrobe Sneak Peak + 5 Loves of Home

Here is a little sneak peak into Violet Bella's Fall wardrobe collection. Just the beginning! Major shop wardrobe update, hopefully today, so stay tuned!

Introducing something I hope to continue each week, is Five Loves of Home... 5 little bits of my life each week. This can be random things around my home, food I ate, things I love... basically little comforts of what I call home. Things that make me happy about my little place.

1. This vintage orange velvet swivel chair. It is one of the wooden heavy duty kinds. A rare gem stuck back in the back warehouse of a thrift store. Renea and I went thrifting in kerrville two days ago, and this was my highlight. I needed a new sewing chair badly, I was using a bench, not to comfy and not easy to move around, so this was a dream come true. And the best part, it was only $10!!!

2. I dont usually make pasta out of a box. But when I do, I love Annie's organic pasta. Not only does it taste way yummy than crappy Kraft mac n cheese, the packaging wins my heart over with cuteness. I mean come on, it has a 'rabbit' of approval (instead of a seal of approval, ha ha). Cuteness!!! And it says lots of fun things all over the box, love it!

3. Boxes of beautiful vintage trim. One of my favorite things. All of this trim is so special to me, it almost breaks my heart everytime I use it, b/c I know Im that much closer to it being gone. Most of it is one of a kind finds that are very vintage, some I have never seen before and probably wont ever again... A seriously love of mine.

4. Sending out my packages, actually makes me happy. I love putting together the final touches of my product just as much as the product itself. And I have to say, after many changes, I am so very happy with all of my paper goods that get sent out. The photo on the left was a limited thing, which I am almost out of, but gosh I think they are beautiful. The next one, was a drawing that Janel did for me, which I could not be more head over heals for!!! The next is one of my photos printed on cardstock, that I use for my little handwritten notes. And then there is the business card, which I adore. I change the images up each time I reorder, so there are only 500 of each card! And if it is a special gift, I will gift wrap it up all cute, I added a little blue feather to this one!

5. This pink bowl my dad made for me. My dad got into pottery a few years back, and he has made me a few things. We use this bowl all of the time. And I am always soooo happy when I get ot fill it with clementines. The colors are so beautiful together, it just makes me smile.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I am going to get ready for this huge shop update, work on my Ruche order, and a few custom orders... I sewed for 12 hours straight yesterday, so I think I am going to lay off the machine today, lol!



  1. That orange swivel is so great! I love finding those type of hidden treasures! Your fall wardrobe looks so fabulous! Thank you so much for the peek!

  2. That chair is one of the best finds I have seen. Don't you just LOVE coming across something like that?
    It was meant to be:)
    I can't wait to see all the beautiful fall clothes. I will want them all I am sure.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Best chair ever! I love all those nooks in your house and Annie's is so yummy! I have always loved your packages. They always make me smile.

  4. Thank you for doing this! It's a real treat to get to know the person behind the words I love to read :)

    Makes me think maybe I should do something like this...hmmmm


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