{this photo is a super old photo I took, but I just found it again and re-edited it in a more updated Violet Bella style, I like it alot more now}

Today was another busy day.

Post Office.
Drop off custom order to client.

then of to San Antonio again for groceries and more beads for my Ruche order, and a run through Goodwill.


The new Liberty line takes my breathe away and I want it all! The china, the sheets, the dresses!!! So far I got a really cool box organizer with cute file folders to keep all of my sales records in. And today we got two cute cups to drink our coffee in. James asked me when we got home if we could have our coffee in the morning together in these cups! Then he told me he wanted to wake up every saturday morning and take our coffee and look for garage sales! you dont have to twist my arm! Um, can I say...I have an AWESOME husband???

He tried his first stencil today on an old wooden painters box and it didnt work. He got super discouraged, but I tried letting him know it was just the wrong paint for the wood. So hopefully he will try again. I was so amazed, I came out of the bathroom this morning to find him on the floor with the stencils and paint and his box out! I gave him an old wooden oil paint box for his guitar pedals and other miscellaneous stuff. He also got two really cool bags at the craft store to stencil, and two shirts! I cant wait to see what he does!

Goodwill proved super lame in the cool pillowcase department. Maybe we will find some great garage sales this weekend...Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks to everyone who is showing so much love on my latest creations. I have so many things I want to make and just not enough time or energy!

We just got a new self timer for my camera, so I will be starting on the spring lookbook once that gets here. I have pretty much not done any self portraiture since I got my Canon 50D, which has been a long time! Like over a year! I couldnt use my old timer on it, so I finally broke and got one! Im super excited.

There may be some super cool collaborations with some amazing photographers coming up!

I havent blogged lately like I would like to. I feel like I havent had anything interesting to say in the time I do have to blog, basically my days have just been filled with work.

I have way too many photos that need editing for clients, ahhh!

Ah well, it will all work out :) Im having a great time doing it all! It is super exciting for me and James to see this business actually growing and working for us. We can actually see a bit of a future now, where as before it seemed like an impossibility to build a home and have a child. It is feeling a bit more doable!

Anyway, Im just rambling now.

Big Love!!!



  1. You, my dear, are seriously on fire lately. In the year or so I've been following your store and getting to know you, you have done amazing things and have grown so much. I love watching your life unfold and take off. Can't wait to see James' creations as well.

    I think we should work out a meet up and soon! :D

  2. As always, I love your photo, you can make them look so magical! I know what you mean about Target and the Liberty Line, it is lovely! I am going to look for some of my old pillow cases and if you still need or want them I can send them to you, not to make me a shirt(I do love them, but like I said, I don't have the body for them right now)I just want them to go to someone who will use them for something beautiful and not just sit in a box in the closet! Just let me know and I will look for them and take some pics to see if you could even use them. Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Love the photo! You really do some amazing things.. I am so happy to hear your business is growing!

  4. you are not boring....
    i voted for you for my fave blog award...
    check out the details.

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  6. I am super duper happy to be hearing this, I wish you all the best!!! You and your hubby are amazing!!! cheers and more power to you both :D

  7. I haven't been to Target in like a year for this very reason! Dangerously cute stuff. And the trim women w/good taste in my town must not shop at Target b/c our local one always has fantastic dresses on the clearance rack in small sizes. I can usually get a couple from their higher end lines for less than $20!

    Anyway, I LOVE the granny square belt tie thing you've got on the first photo!

  8. Um, can I just say a baby you two would make would be absolutely adorable!
    I'm so excited for you and where your shop is going, you do amazing things and are so very talented. Can't wait to see some new portraiture from you, it's always my favorite of your photos. Your days don't sound boring to read about at all! It's great to hear how busy you are, that means success!!
    Your husband is awesome, hope garage sale hunting goes well for you. Good luck to James on his next try on stenciling!!

  9. laura,
    your hard work is paying off and you deserve the love. You're inspiring us and that is priceless!
    have fun doing what you do...kelly

  10. Laura....
    I believe in you and all that you are creating. You are so inspiring and I truely love everything that you make. I would own one of everything if I could.
    And that Liberty line is crazy!! I want it all! Seriously!!! All of it:)


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