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I had a fun girlfriend filled day yesterday!

I went to my friend Renea's place where she is setting up shop in the cutest little house. Its a cool extra building on her parent's property and she is turning into a fabulous little work space to go play and craft and make art in.

The space still has alot of work to be done, we painted and broke out some old boxes of stuff that's been in storage forever, she said it was like Christmas opening all the boxes of her old stuff! And this is the first time Ive been able to see 'her home style', so I was delighted to see really how much we are alike in that respect!

I am just so excited for her to have her own space, I know that is going to be the key for her creative process and inspiration!!! This is just the beginning!

She is having a great GIVEAWAY over on her blog, it end today, so quick, hurry, go enter!!!

I think her company name is just the bees knees!
Here she is showing off the bag I made her to carry all her crafty stuff in! Her favorite color is orange :)
Just little pretties. Nothing is in its real spot yet, so these are just some close ups!
I adore this teal dresser!
And of course the peacock feather :)
This gorgeous doggy is named Pogo, and he LOVES frisbie! And there is the coolest old barn behind her space and I desperately want to do a photo shoot back there!
More lovelies.
Go check out her blog:

and her etsy shop:

She is a super sweet, and uber talented lady, and I am so happy and honored to have her as a friend.



  1. Pogo is such a cutie!! and that bag is super awesome, I'm glad you had a fun day with your friend, you both are very talented.

  2. That bag you made is the cutest!!
    I don't like orange too much but that bag rocks!
    I love the pictures and yes Renea is super talented.

    A big hug,


  3. Wow! I too love that teal dresser - gorgeous, has inspired me to hunt for ol' furniture and do some amazing things like this...
    going to check out her blog too! x

  4. Love these pictures, and that bag you made, how thoughtful!! Thanks for the peeks of her new studio, can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Love the lampshade! And you are so right, creativity overflows when you have an appropriate place to nurture it. I don't usually say things like "nurture" so that's a big deal lol

  6. I love that dresser so much. Psst I can't seem to get your button! I want one for my bloggy but I can't seem to find any code.. Help? Please and Thanks!!

  7. I love that dresser too. Going out tonight and wearing my necklace courtesy of the oh so talented you. Hope all is lovely.. XO!!

  8. love that purse... you need to sell those Laura. Again... I love my VB headband.... your a sweet friend to help out your sister :) I love her little dreads.. makes me want mine again.... but husband doesnt love it.
    bless your day. xxx

  9. Hi Laura!!! Been missing you! Looove that bag! You definitely need to sell those. I need one. ;)
    Hope you've had a great weekend!

  10. thanks guys! ive been thinking about making them, i just dont feel im 'tailored' enough, but what the heck, i should!


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