New Spring Doily Dress

This is what I have spent the last several hours of my life creating.

I think I am going to say it is my favorite dress up to date.

I think I say that everytime, but I mean it.

It is filled with various vintage crochet pieces in several yummy shades.

The velvety center piece is from a fabric I used in my wedding.

The large rectangular doing is one of my favorites I have been saving forever, I love the little X's bordering it.

The flower pin in the center is detachable, so it can be worn on other things as well.

The back piece is one of my favorite parts.

I think I had spring on the brain.

And I think I need to iron the slip!!!

These little mugs are my new favorite thing. We had our coffee in them this morning with smiles on our faces. Now I am drinking juice out of mine (the left one), James picked out the other one for himself. It is the perfect mug.
This is the amazingly beautiful Jamie wearing her new Violet Bella butterfly crochet skirt! Doesnt she look amazing in it??? I adore her hair in a huge way.
Now we must go to the laundry mat for a date! yay!



  1. Absolutely stunning.
    You're definitely one of a kind.

  2. Oh me, that dress is spectacular.. I also love those mugs... I wish I owned dishes!

  3. I LOVE IT! That is absolutly beautiful! I am going to dig up my pillow cases for you this weekend! If you want to send me your address I can just ship them off to you and if you don't want them you can do whatever your pretty heart desires with them!

  4. Gorgeous!!!!! Simply stunning!

  5. you just get better with every piece. And I LOVE your mug, it's almost the same pattern has my new bedroom fabric.

  6. This dress is beautiful on so many levels.
    Are those some of your new buttons??
    I LOVE all the crochet pieces, it's so neat how you layer them and piece them together.
    I really love how you included fabric from your wedding, what a special touch.
    That rectangle doily is beautiful and goes so nicely with the slip!!
    And the back lace, SO beautiful!!
    I love those mugs! They are so cute :)
    Is that your newest awesome customer?? That skirt looks so cute on her!

  7. Look at you!!! Great job!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. Ohhhh! I love the dresssss, so so much!
    And the mugs: Beautiful :)

  9. The dress is breathtaking! I can see why it is your favorite!! I love the back detail also!
    I am so going to Target this afternoon and I hope to find some mugs!!

  10. Betsy, yes and yes! thank you so much!!!!

  11. those mugs are amazing...I am in love with the designs :)

    cute dress I really like those buttons!!


  12. oh and you make me want to put doillies on everything I own!!

  13. that is a dress, you never find anywhere else and yes one of the best parts is the back!

  14. This dress is so cute and springy I love that necklace with it it's perfect. This dress will be so cute with a big straw purse for the spring and summer and cute little sandels.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!